On Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 35

On a Contrarian Deficit
I’m not wild about the size of the federal deficit or its growth rate; nor do I blame any one political party. Nonetheless, this Paul Krugman column made me think and think about the deficit in a different way.

On a Passing Giant
We get a chance to relive history and moments anytime a major public figure dies – and the ups and down in the life of Edward Kennedy was no different. He was both a saint and a sinner, but aren’t we all. As a local friend said to me, “He grew up late in life.” I was touched by the young Kennedy of today with their role and words during the Prayers portion of the service. I was touched by comments from Sen. Orin Hatch and Sen. John McCain. I smiled when Senator Hatch explained how he went to Washington to slay Kennedy and his likes, but instead got a true friend. I enjoyed seeing the former presidents seated together near the front because they only get together on special occasions. And I appreciated these columns by David Brooks and George Will.

On a Site of Remembrance
I can’t recall what I was watching to directed me to this site, but here’s a not-so-well-known site run by the government about terrorism and fights for liberty. With 9-11 approaching, this well-done site is worth noting.

On Confirmation by Columnists
Last week I commented on Afghanistan, and this week George Will writes an interesting parallel. Also, on more than one occasion I have mentioned that President Obama losing support from the center and the need for him to recapture the center.  (Most recent). Thank you David Brooks for your column confirming this.

On Real Men of Genius
The Bud Light “Real Men of Genius” radio commercials crack me up. Did you know over 100 have been made? Better yet, here’s a site with all of them. #32 causing me to lose it each time I hear it.

On Fight Songs & Nicknames
Kickoff to the college football season now opening, here’s a site for all college fans – a site with all the fight songs and spirit songs all schools in the major conferences.  This past post features a different look at school nicknames.

On a Lighter Note
Here’s a tune from One-String Willy who plays a guitar with one string.