On They’ve Earned It: Week 1 ’09

With the opening week spread over 5 days, college football is off to a fast start. Given that polls and personal ranking are based on expectations, this “They’ve Earned It” ranking is based on who a team plays and the result. For instance I’m not impressed with a “ranked” team rolling East Bufo Q&U.

For those who didn’t see my preseason rankings, this past post sets the stage for these rankings. As a matter of fact this is probably the only ranking in the country omitting Florida, Texas, and USC. Instead of 10 teams, this week A Frank Angle is honoring a baker’s dozen.

They’ve Earned It Baker’s Dozen

  1. BYU
  2. Alabama
  3. Boise State
  4. South Carolina
  5. Oklahoma State
  6. Miami FL
  7. Missouri
  8. Ohio State
  9. Cincinnati
  10. Colorado State
  11. Mississippi
  12. Cal
  13. Baylor

Upcoming Notable OOC games
As with week 1, there is a scattering of conference games in week 2. Here are the notable out-of-conference games for the upcoming week that catch my eye. This past post sets the stage for the list, which also provides links to the rest of the study.

  • Air Force @ Minnesota
  • East Carolina @ West Virginia
  • Fresno State @ Wisconsin
  • Houston @ Oklahoma State
  • North Carolina @ UConn
  • Notre Dame @ Michigan
  • Purdue @ Oregon
  • Stanford @ Wake Forest
  • UCLA @ Tennessee
  • USC @ Ohio State

4 thoughts on “On They’ve Earned It: Week 1 ’09

  1. I like your rankings better than the “real” ones, even if you omit my beloved Nittany Lions because of their (embarrassingly) weak early schedule. I think teams that take on a challenge ought to be rewarded, though I suppose if that became the norm the smaller schools would have a financial crunch. I know some of the “lesser” schools schedule a game with a powerhouse more for the money than for any other reason – the funds those fans bring in often are enough to keep entire athletic divisions afloat…so while there is (some) value in playing a lesser team for their sake, I’d still rather see one of those type of games and then the rest meaningful. Penn State, are you listening?!


    • Thanks Chris,
      In the end it’s all about money. The power teams have another home game (huge revenue). The others get more money by playing away at the power schools than they would at home – thus a pimp-prostitute relationship.

      The power school typically gets a win – thus an easier route to bowl revenue. Also by avoiding another power school, it means one more home game, one more win, and more bowl revenue without losing a shot at the big-dollar BCS bowls.

      Follow the money!


    • Beeze,
      Interestingly, I published this before seeing the polls – which have Florida, Texas, & USC as the top 3. Again I ask, what did they do to earn those spots?!!!

      Glad you appreciate this … stop by again. Thanks.


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