On 8 Years Ago

In remembrance to those served and those who died on September 11, 2001. Let the time remind us of a lost, but possible human spirit – one beyond divisions and one of oneness. Although the video’s creator cut this short, it still is very meaningful. A good resource site for remembering the sacrifices of many from various battles and various acts of terrorism is remember.gov.

12 thoughts on “On 8 Years Ago

    • Lester,
      Sad that you felt 9-11 was avoided on the radio this morning. On the other hand, I felt TV stations were doing well. Given the angry mood of much of the public, I hope people take a step back to not only remember the event, but also the feeling thereafter.

      For other readers, I direct you to the 9-11 comments at Lester’s Legends: http://lesterslegends.com/?p=14462

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.


  1. Frank — I am praying for every soul that was lost and all their family members and loved ones.

    I was in New York City and at work that day since I lived in the City. And even though I was not a reporter (I was an AP) and because many reporters did not make it into the City that day, my assignment was to go to the WTC and report back to our newsroom so that our correspondents could broadcast live on air what I saw and heard.

    I will NEVER forget that day. I can still clearly smell the burning bodies and hear the screaming and see the complete shocking devastation of that day…

    May God rest their souls.


    • Paulette,
      I never knew you were so close to the event, so MANY THANKS for not only your work, but also for sharing.

      Yes we think of the pain of all the families affected by the lose of loved ones, but so many others were impacted too … such as yourself with the memories of that day … or the responders who today still suffer from ailments traced back to that day … and I’m sure there are others.

      Thanks for sharing and blessings to you.


      • Frank, I am especially thinking of the pilots and flight crew who knew they were being hijacked and fought so that the planes would not have caused more destruction on American soil.

        After that day, the entire team I worked with worked hard collecting donations for victims who had no where to live. I think we volunteered at blood centers and food shelters as much as we worked at our jobs.

        We also worked hard get food items and extra clothing and blankets and personal items for all the thousands and thousands of self-sacrificing and noble volunteers who descended onto Manhattan Island and lived in tents for months and months so that they could search for the living, dead and personal items that would become sacred to the victims’ families.

        It was a surreal experience.


        • There is so many things to think about that day. Not only thanks for sharing, but thank you for all you did around the events on that day.


    • Al,
      Thanks … a dark day indeed for so many in so many different ways. And the mere thought of politicize the event into an issue within months still appalls me … besides, that sense of oneness sure seems like a distant memory … how sad.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.


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