On All-Time Joes

Although here are too many famous Joes to mention, there are many famous sayings and slogans involving Joe. For example, we have the infamous Eat at Joe’s sandwich board, sloppy joes,  give me a cup of Joe, say it ain’t so Joe, and who knows how many more. Besides, the 2008 election gave news time to Joe Biden, Joe Lieberman, and Joe the Plumber.

Last winter while searching images about the Delta Queen riverboat for my post about the river legend, I discovered the Weekly Grist for the Eyes and Mind. I continue to stop by for its weekly features and yes, it’s done by Joe – and I encourage all to visit.

I have a nephew Joe, but not an Uncle Joe – yet Uncle Joe was a great character on Petticoat Junction. I’ve worked with a Joe, but don’t have a neighbor Joe. Our church friend Joe has a band that plays Texas swing music and we enjoy listening to them play, but since I play handbells instead of guitar, let’s get back to baseball.

This team is so dominated by Hall of Famers that some are on the bench! Hitting is this team’s strong suit. The pitching staff isn’t dominant but sound. Given the offense, it’s good enough.

With the All-Time Steve’s I assumed power to ban Steve Howe. In that same power I will reinstate a famous Joe and enshrine him with an asterisk.

Ladies and Gentlemen – Now taking the field, the All-Time Joes.

1B – Joe Adcock (AS)
2B – Joe Morgan (HOF)
SS – Joe Cronin (HOF)
3B – Joe Sewell (HOF)
C – Joe Torre (AS)
OF – Joe DiMaggio (HOF)
OF – Joe Jackson (HOF*)
OF – Joe Medwick (HOF)
DH – Joe Kelley (HOF)

SP – Joe Williams (HOF)
SP – Joe McGinnity (HOF)
SP – Joe Niekro (AS)
SP – Joe Dobson (AS)
SP – Joe Coleman Jr. (AS)
RP – Joe Nathan (AS)
RP – Joe Nuxhall (AS)
RP – Joe Horlen (AS)

Mgr – Joe McCarthy (HOF)

Bench – Joe Gordon (HOF), Joe Tinker (HOF), Joe Carter (AS), Joe Rudi (AS), Joe Mauer (AS)

Honorable Mention: All-Star Joes who didn’t make the team: Coleman (Sr), Crede, Cunningham, DeMaestri, Haynes, Hoerner, Karlick, Kramer, Page, Pepitone

14 thoughts on “On All-Time Joes

    • Jake,
      Glad you appreciate this. Check out the Categories in the sidebar … Sports > All-Time Teams for other names!

      Thanks for stopping by and good luck to your teams this weekend.


  1. in the Philippines, Joe is the world we refer to white people especially if we do not know their name. it doesn’t matter if he’s from the USA, Europe, etc. for as long as he’s white, most people in my country refer to him as Joe.

    it’s not an insult or anything. when you are walking down the streets, you might here people saying “hey Joe” or “good morning Joe” or “how are you Joe?” etc. so do not be surprised if you hear them greet you in such a way if ever you get to visit my country.

    during my my boyfriend and his bestfriend’s vacation in the Philippines i July of 2009, they’re so happy whenever people shout “Good morning/afternoon Joe” while walking down the streets of Manila. At first, they were like “we’re not americans! We’re from Europe! Why do you refer to us as Joe?” but they understood and got used to it later after i explained to them the whole thing.

    have a great day frank! hugs!


    • Maxi,
      Ah ha … who would have guessed that this post would have brought forth such a great explanation. Awesome … and thanks for the scoop. Thanks so much for this explanation.


    • Lester,
      No doubt – this is a good team. Shoeless Joe deserves the recognition as the he put up some serious numbers.
      Thanks for visiting!


    • David,
      Lineup for pitchers is a nightmare. Maybe this team should play it’s home games at Cincinnati’s Joe American Ball Park!
      Hope all is well with you travels …. thanks for visiting.


  2. Well Frank, being a Joe, I am compelled to respond. First, great concept and great post. Your imagination was running at 110% efficiency when you hatched that one up.

    At one time, the name Joe was so common in my amongst Dempseys and their kin that at family gatherings when someone said “Hey Joe,” half of the room would answer. Confusing as it was, the condition was always seen as a great source of humor.
    Thanks again,


    • Joe,
      LOL … great comment about the family gatherings. I’m glad you spotted this post. Of course if you hadn’t, I would have sent you the link. By the way, I have other names to honor in the works! Thanks for the comment.


  3. What an interesting post! And I wouldn’t want to be the opposing Pitcher in a match-up against your magnificent team of Joes–guess I could always walk DiMaggio and lessen the chance that he would smash a homer.

    “Little Joe” Cartwright of Bonanza fame would have loved to move the above team to Virginia City, Nevada, where they would have ruled the West for some time. What an amazing line-up!


    • Al,
      Oh my … Little Joe should have been in the text! The funny thing (only to me) is that I worked both Cartwright and Bonanza into a different team – one that I worked on the text during a long flight. Of course I have no idea when that post will appear.
      Glad you like the concept and thanks for commenting.


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