They’ve Earned It Rankings Week 2 09

Just returned from a vacation where I thought Internet access would be better than it was. I planned to post each day, but that obviously didn’t happen.

Week 2 of the They’ve Earned It Rankings was difficult because of weak out-of-conference and several byes. As always the motto at this of the season and in the spirit of the Soup Nazi, playing a nonD1 team means “No ranking for you!”

Once again, no Florida, no Texas, and no Penn State made the list. I also realize that two of this weekend’s early games are done, but those results did not affect this rankings.

They’ve Earned It Rankings

  1. USC
  2. BYU
  3. Alabama
  4. Boise State
  5. Missouri
  6. UCLA
  7. Michigan
  8. Minnesota
  9. Wisconsin
  10. Auburn
  11. Miami (FL)
  12. Mississippi
  13. Baylor

For readings needing an explanation, these PreSeason Rankings set the stage.

4 thoughts on “They’ve Earned It Rankings Week 2 09

  1. Hope you had a blast on vacation!

    Boise St. got into a wild one last night, but they look very strong

    I think they are a BcS team

    just hope that BcS system concurs


    • CCC,
      Being that I didn’t return home until late, I saw the Boise-Fresno highlights this morning. WOW … explosive entertainment … and to think I get to attend Fresno-Cincinnati next weekend.

      Had a wonderful vacation … and will be posting in the future. Thanks for asking and visiting.


  2. I think I have to throw the Oregon schools on this list from last week. I know it wasnt the best competition, but U of O held a 2 point conversion and the Beavs kicked a last second field goal. But I am not biased at all 😉


    • Jake,
      The Beavers will get consideration with a win this weekend, of course I will be rooting against them — but will give them just do when deserved. Ducks will have to fight back from the opening loss … but it could happen in time.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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