On They’ve Earned It Rankings Week 3 ’09

Another week is in the books and two things are certain: surprises continue to happen and various rankings and polls continue to rewards teams playing weak schedules and holding back teams with more quality wins. Not hear … play a weak team, especially a nonD1 team and expect to take a dip; play a stronger team and expect to be rewarded. Oh … what a novel idea! For those needing more explanation, read this about PreSeason Rankings.

Let’s face it. At this point in the season, too many of the “highly-taunted” have very few quality wins. Sorry to those from Happy Valley, but I’m not impressed with 2-0 in the MAC. I know the Wolverines are also 2-0 in the MAC, but at least they have one higher-quality win.

They’ve Earned It Top 10

  1. Miami (2-0) Next @ Va. Tech
  2. Auburn (3-0) Next vs. Ball State
  3. LSU (3-0/ Next @ Mississippi State
  4. Boise State (3-0) Next @ Bowling Green
  5. Cincinnati (3-0) Next vs. Fresno
  6. Cal (3-0) Next @ Oregon
  7. UCLA (3-0) Next: Bye
  8. Alabama (3-0) Next vs. Arkansas
  9. Texas (3-0) Next vs. UTEP
  10. North Carolina (3-0) Next @ Ga. Tech

This Week’s High Impact Games
Besides games involving the top 10 teams, keep your eyes on these potential ranking-impact games.

  • Arizona State @ Georgia
  • Florida @ Kentucky
  • Illinois @ Ohio State
  • Iowa @ Penn State
  • Michigan St @ Wisconsin
  • Mississippi @ South Carolina
  • TCU @ Clemson
  • Texas Tech @ Houston
  • Washington @ Stanford

4 thoughts on “On They’ve Earned It Rankings Week 3 ’09

  1. I posted another reply on my own site to your comments, but I did have to point out that Michigan and Penn State play in the Big 10 (or the Big 11 as I like to call them), not the MAC.
    I think you need to add just a little rationality to your Top 10. Do you really think Auburn, or Boise State, UCLA, or North Carolina has a better team that the Gators (and, again, I’m an FSU fan)? I think the Gators would slaughter those teams, especially if they went in being told that they’re the underdogs. I’m not just basing that opinion on speculation.


    • Crash,
      First of all … thanks for visiting and commenting.

      At this point of the season, how many Big 10 games have Michigan and Penn State played? None … so speculating on potential outcomes before the games are played is meaningless (to me).

      Therefore, based on games play to date this season, Auburn, Boise, NC, etc have earned rankings based on outcomes to date … They may not be better and the rest of the season will determine the better teams …. and it may be Florida, Penn State, or whomever, but not yet. Results … nothing but results.

      Thanks again.


  2. Thanks for your posts on my site.

    Looking at your top ten rankings, your method is pretty solid. Winning and who played is a big part of the rankings there is a reason a one-loss SEC team is better than a one-loss Pac Ten team or Big 12 Team.

    That being said, I think you need to put some of the eye test into the rankings as well. Right now, no one can disagree Florida is a top ten team. If they would have played San Diego State and Kansas State instead of Charleston Southern and Troy is there a doubt in your mind they wouldn’t still be undeafted.

    Even Miami’s schedule, I think Florida could have won at Florida State and against Georgia Tech at home. Miami did win those games and that is why I have them 8th in my poll. If Houston beats Texas Tech this week, they will most likely crack my top ten next week.

    Overall, my guess is our rankings will be pretty similar come late October. I do enjoy your takes and look forward to the back and forth through the season



    • Cam,
      First of all … good conversation.

      Regarding Florida. There’s no doubt in my mind that the Gators would have beat SD State and K-State – but that’s not the point as they played Charleston Southern & Troy … besides they didn’t play FSU & Ga Tech so that doesn’t matter either. It who they play and their results – PERIOD … No speculation, No looking at future games, no what ifs.

      If Houston wins this weekend, they will get a serious look on my rankings as they are on my watch list.

      As time goes on, our list will get closer because games played will make a difference.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!


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