On Losing Something Simple

Adults of the time criticized the young generation who listened and danced to the music of the roaring 20s; but didn’t the same thing happen in the big band era? And again with the Elvis followers and that the early years of rock n’ roll? And once again in the classic rock era of the late 60s and 70s? And hasn’t hip-hop’s thumping sounds continued the tradition? Seems like all us have been damned to hell and back for our music.

Life has many constants -one being how a generation looks at the next generation with a question mark. Then again, making connections and seeing patterns is one of the things we see over time. So what the heck is this post about?

Well …. Presidents get it with the position, Aretha spells it, and Rodney never gets it. Although respect is something that transcends generations, each generation looks upon it a bit differently. I claim that is because each generation is shaped by different circumstances.

Think about the latest events involving Congressman Joe Wilson and entertainer Kanye West – or the continual disrespect talkshow pundits give to those who disagree with them. – or the way some use emails and blogs to instantly launch insulting bombs instead of stewing and calculating – or the trash talking that athletes display on the field – or this question: Are reality show behaviors imitating society or is society imitating reality shows? Well, one thing for sure, the list can go on.

I think about these Kathleen Parker words from a recent column

Across the spectrum of society, people are behaving badly. Even those at the very top of their games, who enjoy wealth and status, no longer can be relied upon to carry the standard of exemplary behavior.

All in all, I find it sad that so many are selecting the low ride over the high road, thus overshadowing the goodness that humans have. Maybe Gene Roddenberry had something in mind with Vulcans in Star Trek.