Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 36

On Smile – You’re on Candid Cantor
So House Minority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) says Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is “in another world.” Although I somewhat agree, let me explain more to Mr. Cantor. Yes, the left wing’s heads are in the clouds, but that is only the response to the right wing’s cranial insertion through the opening where the sun doesn’t shine – thus I’m thankful that moderates see situations for what they are while seeking grounded solutions. Our problem is that we have so little representation in Washington.

On Tough Numbers
If 250,000 new jobs were created each month, it would take 70 months to recreate the jobs lost in this recession. Ouch!

On Double Speak
Granted – double speak is the language of politicians. How about Senator Grassley (R-IA) calling for both meaningful health care solutions and contributions to defeat health care proposals? Senator, just continue keeping your head in your reading material during committee hearings – and stay relaxed – I don’t vote in Iowa.

On Health Care Reform
First of all, the GOP doesn’t want different health care reform – they don’t want it at all. So I wonder, if a plan passing, will GOP candidates campaign to repeal it?

As I said even before the debate stated, lobbyists will determine health care legislation. Let’s see … 6 lobbyists per legislator and expenditures around $400 billion. Enough said. For those wanting more, here’s a source tracking dollars on every member of Congress.

I added the Brookings Institute to the Resources links in the sidebar. Here’s a direct link to their information about the health care debate.

Not long ago I suggested an honest and truthful approach to the health care debate. In a recent column Leonard Pitts also likes the idea.

On White House Czars
Legislation is being drafted for regulating appointments by the White House that bypass Congressional approval. I for one would support this legislation but here’s my problem. Since actions by a Democratic president initiated the Republican reaction, what if a Republican president did the same thing – would the party lines switch places? You betcha!

On College Football Rankings
As I examine national polls and opinion rankings, it is obvious that the number of returning lettermen, expectations, and speculations are more important than games played. So why play the games? Oh … I forgot … the revenue.

On Ochocinco
Chad wanted to do the Lambeau Leap but didn’t want to disrespect Packer fans. Sorry Chad – By getting your wish you not only disrespected Packer fans, you disrespected the traditions of the game and the game for your own self-interest.  … and I’m a Bengal fan. I’m against anything you do to bring attention to yourself. Work hard, catch the ball, help the team, shut up, and no gestures on the field of any kind that draw attention to yourself.

On Handbell Music
Since I can’t find a video of this song, here’s a fast handbell piece our choir will be doing in several weeks. Actually with a title as Fanfare and Exultation, some may find it fitting for football, but marching handbells just doesn’t seem to fit – but I know a retired band director who misses marching band.

On an Entertaining Video
I know this is an old video and one that has been used as a hoax (for those thinking it was real), but I enjoy this musical animation.

8 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 36

  1. Reading each category within this post was like having my favorite meal at different diners. Each category shared something relevant and of interest. Self-centered individuals like Chad Ochocinco are fortunate that they play in this era, because legendary NFL coaches like Vince Lombardi, Tom Landry, etc. wouldn’t allow his antics. Couldn’t agree with you more, Afrankangle, if he has nothing positive to say and/or exhibit on the field he simply needs to make a contribution to his team’s overall success and simply fade into the background.


    • Al,
      Yep …. back in the day Chad would have been put in his place in numerous ways. After the season two years ago I crapped on his teammates, coaches, ownership, and the fans. From that point on, he’s on my short leash. For the team’s sake I want him to do well – but I boo any attention to himself. Get this … I’m a Dancing with the Stars fan … and today’s paper reports that DWTS is considering Chad for the season that starts in February.

      FYI: The praise of this post happens on the same day I created a separate Category for this series. Unreal timing!

      Thanks for visiting and the kind words.


  2. Maybe next week may be the week all Republicans have been waiting soooo long for–a full week where Mr. Cantor and all others can refrain from foot problems–either “shooting themselves in the feet” or “inserting a foot in the mouth”. As if our match-up with a popular incumbent in 2012 isn’t enough of a challenge. C’mon, Mr. Steele, bring out the short leashes sir.

    Safe travels and good weekend wishes to you, ‘Frank.


    • Al,
      Who taught politicians to talk? Now the source of the problem!!! No matter the party, honesty and truth is a lost art in Washington.

      Have a good weekend!


    • Lester,
      Oh my …. Ocho loves Ocho is well said …. as is your description of him as “T.O. Lite” … which is comparably a good thing.
      Thanks for the comment.


    • CCC,
      In many ways, Chad is harmless. Actually, before he turned against his teammates, his coaches, team ownership, the media, and the fans two years ago, I was able to look at him as a guy having fun with himself and others. I was able to take up for him …. but ever since then, I chosen not to forgive him – thus be tough on him. I don’t wish him harm … but I don’t care for anything he does that is outside of what he is supposed to do during the play … work hard, do what you are supposed to do, block, catch the ball, and do what it takes for the team. Although I still see him as a harmless, but it’s more as a harmless child. I still like Lester’s label of T.O. Lite.
      Thanks for commenting.


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