College Football Rankings Week 4 ’09

Another weekend of college football once again scrambles the rankings. Since the purpose of this ranking system is to provide a top 10 based on 2009 results – thus no speculations about future games, no high ratings based on expectations, nothing to do with returning lettermen or last year’s results … simply who one plays and the outcome.

Before the ranking I must say that what I heard several ESPN commentaries this weekend that was pleasant music to my ears. They simply made these points:

  • Preseason ranking get too much emphasis, especially in the season’s early weeks
  • Voters should be more fluid during the early weeks to result in teams who have earned respect versus teams who we still don’t know much about beyond expectations
  • Several challenged anyone to identify a team that had done more to date than the Miami Hurricanes

For those needing more explanation, read this post about PreSeason Rankings.

I would imagine that many fans will have problems with this week’s rankings, but hey – life is what it is and some teams have played 4 very respectable games to start the season.

  • Out from last week: Miami, Cal, Boise, North Carolina, Texas, UCLA
  • Dropped from last week: Cincinnati, Auburn,

They’ve Earned It Top 10

  1. LSU (4-0) Next: @ Georgia
  2. Alabama (4-0) Next: @ Kentucky
  3. Georgia (3-1) Next: LSU
  4. Oregon (3-1) Next: Washington State
  5. Iowa (4-0) Next: Arkansas State
  6. Va. Tech (3-1) Next: @ Duke
  7. Houston (3-0) Next: UTEP
  8. Cincinnati (4-0) Next: @ Miami (Oh)
  9. South Carolina (3-1) Next: South Carolina State
  10. Auburn (4-0) Next: @ Tennessee

Conference games are becoming more of the norm rather than the exception, so keep your eye on the Sun Belt race as other teams seek to catch Nebraska (3-0). Besides games involving the top 10 teams, I’m keeping my eyes on these potential ranking-impact games.

  • Georgia Tech @ Mississippi State
  • Michigan @ Michigan State
  • Oklahoma @ Miami
  • Oregon State @ Arizona State
  • USC @ Cal
  • Washington @ Notre Dame
  • Wisconsin @ Minnesota

6 thoughts on “College Football Rankings Week 4 ’09

    • CCC,
      Wow … talk about an unexpected good old fashion butt whoopin’! Quite the surprise.

      Iowa dominating Penn State in the fourth quarter at Happy Valley was also impressive.

      thanks for commenting


    • Beeze,
      Agree on both counts. I still can’t figure out what Texas has done to be number 2 in the polls and in so many personal rankings. In terms of the BCS, whose ranking are approaching, the whole thing is about money …. and still a mythical national champion.

      Thanks for visiting!


  1. Auburn beats Ball State who hasnt won a game all year and they are your number 10 team. Im not sure I understand that pick. LSU barely got Mississippi State. How can they be Number 1? That Houston is pretty good


    • Jerry,
      In short, Auburn, beating Ball State actually caused them to drop. But the best thing about them is that they haven’t played any nonD1 teams & have 2 BCS wins. LSU has 3 BCS wins (2 on the road) and no nonD1 opponents to date. Houston looks good, is fun to watch, and has 2 good wins, including one on the road. That’s enough at this point to overcome their 1 nonD1 win – but winning at UTEP won’t do them much good.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.


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