On Paso EastSide Wines

While hills and valleys with shaded winding roads dominate the land west of Paso Robles, the east side is more rolling, open, and warmer; thus producing different challenges for wine growers and wine makes. Day 1 of our trip took us to the east side.

EberleCaveAs the 5th oldest winery of over 150 in Paso, Eberle is a must stop. If available, take the cave tour. Although located directly off highway 46, the patio provides a good view to the west. October ‘09’s Wine Enthusiast rated 3 Eberle wines in the 90s. Keep in mind that Gary Eberle played for Jo Pa in the 70s! We bought here.

Vina Robles
Maybe the most spectacular wine room, but these wines didn’t bowl me over on this day.

Tobin James
This winery is known for its marketing and the tasting room’s Wild West atmosphere is part of the experience. I can see why they claim to have the largest wine club in the country. We bought here and considering their wine club – besides, Toby is a native Cincinnatian.

Maloy O’Neil
Probably the most pleasant surprise of the trip as the overall quality was outstanding. Although a simple tasting room, Maloy O’Neil is a must stop. Their Lagrein grape is only grown on 50 acres in the whole state! We bought here.

EastSideVineyardPenman Springs
Another simple tasting room with a good view of the east side from the parking lot – plus a selection of many single-varietal wines.  We bought here.

East Side Wineries to Visit in the Future

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4 thoughts on “On Paso EastSide Wines

    • Hey Stone,
      The caves are man-made … temps stay constant and they greatly reduce evaporation from the barrel. The folks at Eberle mentioned how the caves paid for themselves! Actually saw similar caves at Justin … but those 2 may be the only ones in the Paso Robles area. … larger than one may think1

      Thanks for visiting!


  1. Frank,

    Great pics, the cave at Eberle looks especially interesting.

    Thanks for the info yesterday as I had no idea Wine Stores offered tastings. The sitdown option seems more like what I was looking for.

    If I ever go to California I will definitely send you a message for suggestions. Paso Robles seems like a beautiful destination.

    Great job brother.


    • Rad,
      The Eberle caves were interesting … see my comment to 3rd Stone.

      Many wine stores offer tastings as part of marketing … that is taste with the hopes that customers buy!

      This was our first time to Paso Robles area … which also includes Hearst Castle (which is awesome and interesting). I’ve also been to Napa and Sonoma … several times — so glad to help.

      Thanks for the comment.


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