On a Curly Monday

A few weeks ago I featured a video tribute to Curly Howard with the tune the Curly Shuffle. To start your Monday with a tune and a few giggles, here’s a video montage of the 3 Stooges featuring Curly from Mr. C.


8 thoughts on “On a Curly Monday

    • Tim,
      You probably have seen the Stooges since the last time here … (that is the link within this post) … but I figure you are a closet Stooge affecienato!

      Thanks for visiting and have a good week my friend.


    • CCC,
      Glad to know that you appreciate the Stooges. There’s one part of the video cracks me up and I’ve been able to locate the original scene – thus will post in the future.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting.


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