They’ve Earned it Rankings: Week 6 ’09

As with most weeks with college football, it was another great weekend. Florida makes a statement while Auburn, Georgia, and Wisconsin lay eggs. Ohio State and Houston show they shouldn’t be forgotten, while Oklahoma State and Nebraska watch-us reminders. Next week shapes up to be another impact week.

These are the rankings based on results, not speculations and predictions. I know it’s different, but that’s why this is called They’ve Earned It. For those needing more explanation, read this post about PreSeason Rankings.

Up- Alabama, Virginia Tech, Oregon, Georgia Tech, Miami
Down- Cincinnati, LSU
New – Florida, Houston, Iowa
Out- Auburn, Wisconsin, ND

They’ve Earned It Top 10

  1. Alabama (6-0) Next: South Carolina
  2. Va. Tech (5-1) Next: @ Ga. Tech
  3. Oregon (5-1) Next: Bye
  4. Miami (4-1) Next: & UCF
  5. Georgia Tech (4-1) Next: Va. Tech
  6. Houston (5-1) Next: @ Tulane
  7. Florida (5-0) Next: Arkansas
  8. LSU (5-1) Next: Bye
  9. Iowa (6-0) Next: @ Wisconsin
  10. Cincinnati (5-0) Next: @ USF

Besides games involving the top 10 teams, here are thepotential ranking-impact games for next weekend.

  • Boise @ Tulsa
  • Minnesota @ Penn State
  • Missouri @ Oklahoma State
  • Oklahoma v. Texas (Dallas)
  • Pitt @ Rutgers
  • Texas Tech @ Nebraska
  • USC @ ND

8 thoughts on “They’ve Earned it Rankings: Week 6 ’09

  1. Good stuff frank…

    Arkansas came through for me…Which was good since Wisconsin let me down…Miami has really turned things around, they’re gonna give people problems…Iowa looked pretty good again…

    Has Penn State played anyone other then Iowa?


    • Beeze,
      I haven’t given Penn State love because of their schedule … home wins against Akron, Syracuse, Temple, & Eastern Illinois … won at Illinois … lost to Iowa at home.

      Arkansas win was huge for them … but also kicked Auburn. Interesting games next weekend – including a big one for your Fighting Irish … good luck.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.


  2. You might want to re-think Houston. They are not 6-0, they are 5-1. They have a lot of quality wins but they lost at UTEP 58-41. Given that, I can’t agree with Houston in the Top Ten.

    Can’t really disagree with the rest of your top ten. Besides Houston, Georgia Tech and Cincinnati are top 15 teams to me, there are strong cases for those teams to be in the top ten. Might make a case for Texas being in the lower half of the top ten.


    • Cam,
      Thanks for pointing out Houston correct record … which I edited. I knew that, but just made an error. Although Houston lost to UTEP, I’m giving them credit for 3 good wins at this point of the season.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


    • Lester,
      OMG … that’s a hoot … and is a must-use-soon item for here. Fortunately I have a chance to write today!
      Thanks for sharing!


  3. frank,
    you chided me a few weeks ago about mocking Cincinnati. They did a pretty good job last night against USF. I understand you taking out Auburn, but I think they’ll be back.


    • ImTakingOver,
      The Bearcats played well @USF … actually I game I thought they would find the short end.

      Auburn could use a bounce-back game against Kentucky, but they could be back. Last week they ran into one of those occasional buzz-saw games. It’s not that Arkansas is that much better or Auburn that one – just one of those games that happens.

      Thanks for remembering me and stopping by.


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