On All-Time Nicks

Nick isn’t that comma of a name. Sure we have St. Nicholas, Nick Lachey, and a song allowing nick-knack paddy-whack to give a dog a bone, but how many of you know a Nick with a false tooth that illuminates in a black light? – and even quickly flick it up and down after a few drinks?

I first met Nick in 1973, and he’s just another example of how college friendships last longer and are more meaningful that high school friendships – well, as a whole from what I’ve observed.

Nick and I have played sports games since those campus days and somehow ended up at in the same city after college. We kept playing games and even did fantasy baseball in the days when calculations were done with a weekly newspaper, pencil, paper, and a calculator. This year he gave me a run and pulled it out on the last weekend. Sure I can blame CC Sabathia, but Nick’s team also got it done. Congratulations my friend.

With MLB history giving us only 37 Nicks, of which only one All Star (and that was a war year), creativity fielded a time to compete with the All-Time Randys – but even beating them regularly will be difficult.

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Ladies and gentlemen, now taking the field, the All-Time Nicks.

1B – Nick Etten (AS, 1945)
2B – Nick Punto
SS – Nick Green
3B – Nick Esasky
C – Nick Allen
OF – Nick Johnson
OF – Nick Swisher
OF – Nick Markakis
DH – Bill Nicholson (AS)

SP – Nick Altrock
SP – Nick Adenhart
SP – Nick Strincevich
SP – Nick Cullop
SP – Kid Nichols (HOF)
RP – Nick Masset
RP – Chet Nichols Jr.
RP – Rod Nichols

Mgr – Nick Leyva