On All-Time Dwains

Dwain and I met on our first day at college as we lived in adjacent rooms. We remain friends today even though he’s blamed for introducing us to other friends, thus when anything negative can easily be traced back to Dwain, thus “It’s Dwain’s fault” is an easy excuse.

Having a heavy beard was Dwain’s claim to fame. His morning shave required 2 new blades every day – one for each side. When we were bored there was always let’s watch Dwain’s beard grow. We’d go to dinner and return to significant growth. So here’s a link for Dwain and all beards.

After seeing the All-Time Franks and All-Time Randys, he told me that it would be tough to put together an All-Time Dwain team, but hey – I like a challenge – but I still needed creative ways to fill a team.

This team is going to struggle, even against the All-Time Randys – but once the teams take the field for a game strange things are known to happen. To see the All-Time Randys and other all time teams, see Categories in the right-side sidebar, and then Sports > All-Time Teams or click here.

Ladies and Gentlemen, now taking the field, the All-Time Dwains.

1B – Fred Dwight Whitfield
2B – Dwain Anderson
SS – Michael Dwaine Phillips
3B – Charlie Dewayne Hayes
C – Jerry D-Wayne Grote
OF – Jacques Dewayne Jones
OF – Dewayne Wise
OF – Dwight Dewey Evans (AS)
DH – Darrel D-Wayne Evans (AS)

SP – Jack Dwight Chesbro (HOF)
SP – Dwight Gooden (AS)
SP – Grant Dwight Jackson (AS)
SP – D-Wayne Garland
SP – D-Wayne Simpson

RP – Dewey La Marr Hoyt
RP – Michael Dwain DeJean
RP – Michael Dwain Gallo

Mgr – Bob Uecker

Ballroom and the Steering Wheel

dance4With the new season of Dancing with the Stars in progress, it’s time for a ballroom post. I wrote this article for the studio we attend.

What’s the purpose of a car’s steering wheel? Most will say to turn the car. A few will say to initiate a series of mechanical events that turn the car. Others may say to detect the desires of the driver and direct those desires through the steering mechanism to bring about a response by the car. Although each answer involves a different perspective, all are correct.

So what’s the steering mechanism for a dance couple? When we first start learning how to dance, arms and body position serve as our steering mechanism. Do you recall how you first initiated a promenade in fox trot?

As we progress to our next level, the steering becomes more refined, intricate, and subtle. Early we learned that the man’s right hand (on the back) directs much of swing and waltz, but our progress moves us to using our shoulders and hips as a steering mechanism. From my own personal experience, this transition is not easy; but it does make sense. Meanwhile Karen still occasionally brings attention to my extraneous arm movements.

Whether in a private lesson, a group lesson, or even a fun class, notice how much the instructors emphasize using hips and shoulders for determining direction; let alone using the body’s core during bend-and-send. Yes, arms and hands still play a role, but less than before, but also I’m sure there’s even more about leading to come.

A dance couple is connected in a similar manner as the mechanical parts in a car. As men we are learning different ways to deliver subtle, but direct leads through that connection; just as the women are learning to detect those subtleties through the same connection.

Think about this the next time you are in a car. Your hands contact the steering wheel, which is connected to a steering column that has a rotary end deep in the car’s core. This rotary end turns the tie rods to direct the wheels so the car goes where you want it to go. Ever heard of rack and pinion steering?

Image from Fred Astaire Dance Studios