They’ve Earned it Rankings: Week 8 ’09

Although a several teams received a scare, Clemson beating Miami led the way for another week of college football. Then again, next week has set the stage for some sorting.


  • Up: Iowa, USC, Oregon, LSU
  • Down: Alabama, Georgia Tech, Cincinnati
  • Out: Houston, Miami (FL)
  • New: TCU, Oklahoma State, Texas

They’ve Earned It Top 10

  1. Iowa (8-0) Next: Indiana
  2. Alabama (8-0) Next: Bye
  3. USC (6-1) Next: @ Oregon
  4. Georgia Tech (6-1) Next: @ Vanderbilt
  5. Oregon (6-1) Next: USC
  6. Florida (7-0) Next: vs. Georgia (Jacksonville)
  7. LSU (6-1) Next: Tulane
  8. Cincinnati (7-0) Next: @ Syracuse
  9. TCU (7-0) Next: UNLV
  10. Oklahoma State (6-1) & Texas (7-0) Next: Each other in Stillwater

Next Week’s Games of Interest

  • North Carolina @ Virginia Tech
  • West Virginia @ South Florida
  • Mississippi @ Auburn
  • Central Michigan @ Boston College

6 thoughts on “They’ve Earned it Rankings: Week 8 ’09

    • CCC,
      I too am a big believer in Boise and what they could do. Unfortunately for them, their situation works against what I’m trying to do. They have one big win (Oregon) and one decent win (Fresno), but after that, their resume isn’t good. Truth probably is that many of the big boys don’t want any part of Boise!
      Thanks for the comment.


  1. Frank, I have friends I went to elementary school with that will be at the game in Stillwater. They converted to Oklahoma State fans after attending there when they were Sooners before. LOL!

    Big game for USC against Oregon which that state for the Trojans has been their house of horrors in recent years.

    Good stuff buddy!


    • Hey David,
      I remember that elementary school … well, assuming the one in the pic. I imagine Oklahoma is one of those states where most are OU fans unless they went to Stillwater … such as Kentucky/Louisville and KU/K-State.

      One thing for sure, this weekend will be a sorter!
      Thanks for dropping by.


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