On a Classy Start to the Week

Monday morning is a drag to some – or as fellow blogger The Beeze calls his weekly posts as Monday Moanin’. Although I’m not one who sees Monday as a downer, I recognize that others need something to jump start their week – thus the purpose of this Category of posts.

Instead of something lively or funny, this post is about talent, but unique talent – plus a shout-out to my favorite Oberlin College student who discovered it for me. Props to Stringfever and their idea for 4 playing the same cello at the same time. The song …. Bolero … hey guys … remember Bo Derek?

6 thoughts on “On a Classy Start to the Week

  1. Frank your eclectic posts continue to increase the “interest” quotient of my days.

    Very nice video, very impressive feat. I’ve seen plenty of 1 man bands, but this is the first 1 instrument, multi person band I’ve seen.

    Thanks man


    • Rad,
      I too enjoy one-man bands … especially the street performers … but this was a bit different. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for visiting.


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