On All-Time Pauls

There have been 6 Pope Pauls and 2 John Pauls, but none of them occupied the center square on Hollywood Squares as Paul Lynde or played in the NFL as Paul Hornung. I grew up in a time with Paul Richards on the Wheaties box, which was sold at a small grocery store in my hometown owned by a longtime family friend named Paul.

One of my friends today is Paul who is funny, personable, loves to help people in need, peddled is way across America, and is the only person I know who burned, ready-cooked sausage links for a men’s breakfast group – but he didn’t play in the Beatles.

My Uncle Paul was one of those truly nice people in life – and I’ve always assumed my middle name is in his honor – as it is with 2 of my cousins. He also liked to cook, but his seasonings aren’t sold in stores as chef Paul Prudhomme’s. So to all the Pauls out there, this post is for you.

With one of the better defensive outfields, enough hitting, and reasonable pitching, baseball Pauls are good enough to be pesty to the leading teams. Although we’re still waiting on the Paul Householder’s potential, this team much better than the All-Time Randys.

By the way, for the other all-time teams, see Categories in the Sidebar, and then Sports > All-Time Teams or click here.

Ladies and gentlemen. Now taking the field, the All-Time Pauls!

1B – Paul LoDuca (AS)
2B – Paul Lehner
SS – Paul Molitor (HOF)
3B – Paul Konerko (AS)
C – Paul Cassanova (AS)
OF – Paul Waner (HOF)
OF – Paul Blair (AS)
OF – Paul O’Neill (AS)
DH – Paul Sorrento

SP – Paul Derringer (AS)
SP – Paul Dizzy Trout (AS)
SP – Paul Dean
SP – Paul Splittorff
SP – Paul Byrd (AS)
RP – Paul Quantrill (AS)
RP – Paul Assenmaucher
RP – Paul Shuey

Mgr – Paul Richards

6 thoughts on “On All-Time Pauls

    • CCC,
      A delayed rim shot for your comment. Those Orioles were known for pitching and defense … and a lot of both!
      Thanks for visiting.


    • Lester,
      Oh how we Reds fans remember trading O’Neill for Roberto Kelly … burst trade!
      You may have hated O’Neill, but it sounds like you respected him … which is good.
      Thanks for commenting.


  1. Nice team. The first two I thought of before reading this was Molitor and Waner(because he and Lloyd were born in OK, and later became Big & Little Poison).

    Our EBW GM(your new arch rival) is named Paul. LOL! My friend Paul that lives here in town is a huge McCartney fan, and once imitated him to perfection on a recording I did on my blog a while back.

    This team can hold their own for sure. O’Neill was as intense as you could get.

    BTW, I seen your message on my latest post, and no worries about not posting or commenting as often. I’ve been up and down all summer because of the travel, and luckily, we’re approaching a slow time of the year. It won’t get busy again until January.

    Nice as always buddy!


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