On Cincinnati Sports as of Now

The Cincinnati sports scene has been a hodge-podge of ups and downs. The past 20 years have primarily been a downer for our two main professional teams: the Bengals and the Reds. So the fact that the Reds finished strong and the Bengals are off to a good start does help. On the other hand, our memories aren’t short – so many fans are skeptics.

UC Bearcat football is currently on a roll and has captured the hearts of many in the city. Although Ohio State fans exist, Cincinnati is not a Buckeye hotbed. Although the Bearcats are currently getting high accolades, Coach Brian Kelly admits that the Buckeyes are want his team strives to be – and adds that UC is not there yet.

Fans in this area love college basketball. Sure UC and Xavier lead the way, but UK Wildcats are just down the road to they get their share of coverage – but since I hope they lose every game, I’ve already given them too much space here.

UC basketball during the Huggins era was great; then suddenly, it was gone. The team was essentially dismantled and the struggles ever since are well known. On the plus side, they seem to be turning the corner so fans are starting to get some positive vibes.

Meanwhile, a mere 3 miles away on the Xavier campus, Musketeer basketball has been unbelievably successful through various coaching changes. They are simply a hallmark of consistency and another good season is expected this year. Although hardcore UC and XU fans don’t root for the other, many fans have a have a preference, yet pull for the other in all games but one.

Bottom line – it’s all about being in the wait-and-see mode. After all, by the end of November we’ll feel totally different.

6 thoughts on “On Cincinnati Sports as of Now

  1. Frank,

    I actually loved watching UC basketball when Huggins was coaching. The aggressiveness and toughness they played with with awesome. I still remember Kenyon Martin’s energy after dunks/blocks and the way Huggins egged him on when most coaches would have told him to tone it down some.

    Bearcat football just might bring change to the BCS if they keep this up.

    Nice post Frank


    • Rad,
      My favorite Huggins-coached team was one of his early ones … the one that went to the Final Four in the early 90s (losing to Michigan’s fab 5). That team was aggressive and explosive.

      In terms of current Bearcat football, @ Syracuse this weekend … I just hope they don’t take it for granted. Upcoming weeks have UConn, WVU, Illinois and Pitt … all good opponents – although Illinois has been a major letdown.

      Thanks for commenting!


        • Rad,
          Van Excel was on that team … Corey Blount, Erik Martin, Herb Jones to name a few more. Unbelievably quick and explosive.
          Thanks for commenting.


    • Lester,
      On the pro side, Cincinnati fans have suffered for a long time. At least college basketball kept us up … thus one of the reasons why losing Huggins hurt. The rise in Bearcat football has helped.
      Thanks for commenting and visiting.


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