Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 41

On Palin Endorsement
Recently in a New York race, Sarah Palin endorsed the third-party candidate instead of the party-backed Republican. I wonder about the following: Why hasn’t the Libertarian Party courted her? Why hasn’t she (or has she) approached the Libertarian Party? It seems their platform matches many of her ideals and the party could use a nationally-known figure to boost its image. Plus she would bring some voters with her. Now she still wouldn’t get my vote, but still, it seems the idea would be worth considering.

On a Gambling Issue
Ohio voters will face another gambling issue next week. Although the past 15 of so related issues have gone down in flames in the past, this one seems to have a chance of passing. I’m amused by the attack ads, here’s the one that I find the most interesting. The Cincinnati Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church is against the issue because of “economic, social, and moral” reasons. Interesting, especially because of the legal gambling they use as fund raising.

On Cutting into Learning Time
Unfortunately for me, since I’ve taken on a major project the past couple of weeks, my blog reading and writing time have suffered – translated into decreased learning! My apologies to the bloggers who may be wondering where I’ve been.

On the Afghanistan Fight
It seems our armed forces are in Afghanistan to take on Al-Qaeda – an enemy that has little presence in Afghanistan because they are in Pakistan. Therefore, the fight is with the Taliban, who isn’t the target, but the group who oppose the US presence. Can anyone else hear Abbott and Costello “Who’s on first?” What a mess!

On Rushing the NFL
Who doesn’t feel sorry for Rush Limbaugh as his attempt to become part of an ownership group fell short of the goal? Yes, he has the right to be an NFL owner. Yes, the NFL has the right to turn him down. Nonetheless, I enjoyed this Leonard Pitts column about the issue.

On the World Series
A friend of mine roots for multiple baseball teams. Obviously, whichever one is doing best is his favorite. Since none of his teams made the playoffs and the Indians being one of his teams, he turned into an instant Dodger fan because they have so many ex-Indians. Then they lose. So now he’s pulling for the Phillies because of ex=Indians Cliff Lee and manager Grady Little, well, unless CC is playing (then he’s torn). He’s such a Homer, a fact that he continually denies.  I’m a Reds fan and since they aren’t in the World Series, I don’t care who wins.

On the BCS
Although the Cincinnati Bearcats are trying to upset the BCS apple cart, I don’t have a good feeling about their trip to Syracuse this weekend. Nonetheless, I tip of the Angle cap to the Global Sports Fraternity for their taping of the BCS Committee Meetings. For anyone who missed the latest, watch below.