On Ohio Firsts

Probably most people don’t know much about the state of Ohio where I’ve lived for all but a few months of my life. Even this is not my first post about the Buckeye state (see it here), so here’s another attempt to enhance your knowledge about Ohio firsts.


  • First professional baseball team, Cincinnati Red Stockings (1869)
  • First MLB night game, Crosley Field (Cincinnati Reds)
  • First Black to play professional baseball, Moses Fleetwood Walker (1883)
  • First Black in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Emlen Tunnell (University of Toledo)
  • First Black to play in the American League (Larry Doby, Cleveland Indians  (1947)

Individual Feats

  • First successful powered airplane flight, Wright Brothers (1903)
  • First man on the moon, Neil Armstrong (1969)
  • First American to orbit Earth, John Glenn (1962)
  • First man to sail solo from America to England in a 13.5 ft sailboat; Robert Mandry
  • First woman to fly a single engine plane solo around the world; Jerrie Mock

Corporate Firsts

  • First rubber tire manufactured; BF Goodrich (1896)
  • First tubeless tire, PW Litchfield (1903)
  • First disposable diaper , Procter and Gamble, 1962)
  • First electric coffee grinder, Kitchen Aid (1937)
  • First synthetic detergent, Procter and Gamble (1944)
  • First pre-mixed paint, Sherwin Williams
  • First blackboard chalk, American Crayon Co (1835)
  • First vacuum cleaner manufacturer, WH Hoover Company (Canton)
  • First floating soap (Ivory); Procter & Gamble
  • First PVC, Waldo Semon, BF Goodrich (1926)
  • First bar code, National Cash Register Company
  • First recycling aluminum process, Charles Hall (1886)
  • First foam-soled bedroom sleepers, RG Berry Co (1947)
  • First synthetic rubber tire (BF Goodrich)

Ohioan Inventions or Patents
Aircraft de-icer, alkaline storage battery, automobile hydraulic shock absorber, automobile self-starter, camera, cash register, chewing gum, electrical starting motor, folding step ladder, Formica, Freon, Fuzzbuster, Gatling gun, guided missle, incandescent light bulb, lacquer paint for automobiles, leaded gasoline, light-weight diesel locomotive, LCD,  Mr. Coffee, padded bicycle seat, phonograph, Play-Doh, pop-top can, refrigerated boxcar, ratchet wrench. Richter scale, Sakcrete, space helmet, space suit, standardized yeast, telephone switchboard, Telflon, tickertape machine, traffic light, UNO card game, vacuum cleaner, wind tunnel