On Moderates and the Circus Tents

From the view inside the Democratic Party’s big tent one can see that many moderate independents have already left while others are working their way toward the exits. Meanwhile, on the other side of the parking lot, the partisans inside the smaller Republican Party tent are having a rousing time pushing out their moderates in order to redefine their party and their message. While the partisans inside the perspective tents do their thing, the real show is what is happening in the parking lot.

The Democratic door keepers are telling the departed that they will be sorry, but they are welcome to return. The Republican hawkers are barking “we told you so” and inviting the lonesome Democrats to come into the tent as “we will show you the way.”

Now shift your eye from the partisans to those leaving the Democratic tent. What are they doing? Yes – some are walking into the Republican tent to the cheering faithful. But wait … so many are standing outside – drifting alone and pondering the future. Will a party ever represent them? Will they turn to voting a party out over voting for someone? Will they turn into a discouraged voter; that is one who no longer participates in the process?

As conservatives distance themselves from RINOs while only accepting their money and vote, liberals are fighting with moderates in the Democratic tent  labeling them as closet Republicans. Although in-fighting within the Democratic Party isn’t anything new, their exuberance from winning in 2008 has taken a toll.

As predicted here, the Democratic Party either didn’t know how to capture the center or it wasn’t interested in doing so. Now, a year and a few days after an historic election, the political tide (as it always does) is changing. But times are different today than the past. The days of moderates in both parties are gone – the Republicans have made sure of it and the Democrats can’t manage a big tent.

Just because many are abandoning Democrats, these are not a sure-fire Republican votes. And for those that are, Republicans will have to learn that independent-moderate voters will abandon them without hesitation.