On Different Walls

There’s the Great Wall of China, Kremlin walls, the walls of Jericho, many fortress walls around old cities, and plenty of famous prison walls. Although sports has walls as the Seven Blocks of Granite, the Steel Curtain, and the Green Monster, all of them pail to what the true sense in this post. Twenty years ago today (on November 9, 1989) there was an announcement of the opening of a famous modern-day wall that would eventually come down – the Berlin Wall.

While listening to NPR’s All Things Considered last week, I heard an interesting segment about walls – of which I will provide the link at the end of this post. Meanwhile, think about walls.

Walls gave any purposes. Some divide/separate, some keep others out while some keep others out. Some isolate while some protect or even define boundaries. Some are sacred and others are grim reminders of historical events.

We commonly think of physical walls, but let us not forget about the mental and psychological walls individuals but in place (for a variety of reasons). Think about the behavioral walls we put in place by our collective behaviors as a society and/or a culture.

So on this anniversary of a famous 20th century wall, I encourage readers to think about walls – especially for a perspective different from their own.

Meanwhile, this NPR segment is worth 2 minutes and 15 seconds.