Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 43

On Additional Walls
Monday’s post honored the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall’s fall and attempt to stimulate thinking, along with providing a wonderful 2-minute NPR segment. Here are some additional thoughts about walls.

A conversation with one of my pastors produced this analogy: One aspect of Christianity is to turn walls into tables. Now that’s worth thinking about.

Secondly, I continue to see letters to the editor in the Cincinnati paper pointing to President Reagan’s 1987 “Tear down that wall” speech as a single historic moment regarding the wall. Historic? Yes. Significant? Yes. The key event? No. Let’s us not forget World War II and Winston Churchill’s iron curtain speech – “From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, an iron curtain has descended across the Continent.” – as a line was drawn and the many events to come; including, but not solely, President Reagan. Here’s an interesting column from San Antonio’s Jonathan Gurwitz.

On Jobs and War
NY Times columnist Bob Hebert wrote an interesting column this week focusing on what would he tell President Obama about jobs, the economy, and the war in Afghanistan. Although it’s not about independent moderates, to me he hit the nail on the head about why nonpartisan independents are discouraged. To me his words weren’t based on a party or an ideology, but on a nonpartisan reality. Here’s the column.

On Moderates and Fiscal Policy
One thing Republicans don’t understand about independent moderates is that we tend to be more sensitive to social programs, including health care insurance. One thing that Democrats don’t understand about independent moderates is that we tend to be fiscally sensitive. Although I don’t always agree with George Will, I do appreciate his columns – including this one about fiscal concerns.

On Interesting Football Stat
Cincinnati Bearcat QB Tony Pike guided the team to a 4-0 start before suffering an injury in game 5. Sophomore QB Zach Collaros has started 3 games and produced these unconscious numbers:

  • Record: 3-0
  • Rushing: 33 attempts, 172 yards, 2 TDs
  • Passing: 66-82, 0 INT, 8 TDs

Tonight the Bearcats host West Virginia at Nippert Stadium, one of the great old, on-campus sporting venues. (Here’s a prior post about the stadium.) I’ll be there so watch for me as I’ll be wearing red.

On the BCS
Since I mentioned college football, for those who haven’t seen the latest edition of the BCS Committee meeting from the Global Sports Fraternity, enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 43

    • 3rd Stone,
      Amazing start for sure for Collaros, but he struggled last night against WVU. To me, he didn’t seem to be making good reads … for whatever reason, Gilyard wasn’t a frequent target & it’s not that he was blanketed. I see Pike back in the saddle after Thanksgiving (off next weekend).
      Thanks for commenting.


    • Lester,
      Nippert Stadium is one of the great venues to watch a game, thus always a good to go. Tough game last night as UC didn’t seem to be “on” last night. I’m concerned with the defense in their final 2 games (Illinois and @ Pitt).
      Thanks for visiting.


  1. It was another win for Cincy, but I do agree that Pitt will be tough to overcome. Nice to see that that game Pitt/Cincy won’t be the only Pittsburgh vs Cincinnati game with significant importance(Bengals and Steelers).

    If anyone needed any convincing that TCU wasn’t for real should have gotten the message loud and clear last night. They out-gained Utah by nearly 300 yards, and ran for over 300 with eight different runners in the game. And Utah was the No. 16 team going in.

    Nice post again!


    • David,
      Too bad that Cincinnati & Pittsburgh teams couldn’t have been the same weekend … one Saturday. one Sunday. That would have been unique. Physical nature of the Panthers worries me against the Bearcats, whose defense line has been controlled by running teams … plus not a lot of QB pressure. DB/LB coverage is also soft. Then again, 10 new starters on defense creates that.

      I agree with you about TCU and have shown my respect on the latest rankings.

      David … thanks for visiting and hope all is well with you in NC!


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