On Thanksgiving 2009

Since I haven’t had a chance to post regularly, today is a good day to give thanks. Since there are so many good things present in my life, this is a meager start.

Although it takes me away from writing for myself, I give thanks to having a long-term project for employment – yet I pray for those looking for work.

Although the project has taken me away from some of my learning passions, I give thanks for all learning opportunities that exist in life and the ability to participate – yet I pray for those who haven’t found the joy of learning.

Although my work has taken me away from the cyber-friends in my life, I give thanks for all the good people I’ve encountered in my years, especially those new to my life. There are so many people throughout the world sharing so much goodness, yet I only encounter a fraction – yet I pray for those with hardened hearts who don’t see human kindness as important.

Although I sit at a desk and spend most of the day either inside a building or driving a car, I give thanks for all the beauty nature offers us each day. No matter if the sky is clear or stormy, land flat or mountainous, water calm or turbulent, trees displaying color or barren branches, the natural world is an infinite resource of gifts – yet I pray for those who don’t take time to see and appreciate all that has been given to them.

Although we are currently without a pet, I give thanks to all pets, especially those with the knack for providing us joy and comfort; who unconditionally greet us each time after returning home from a difficult day – yet I pray for the animals without home or tender care.

Although I don’t do nearly enough, I give thanks to everyone who serves the needy – yet I pray for those in needing food, space, clothing, care, heart, mind, love, and dignity with homes that more of us with step forward to share and give.

Although we are separate by miles and space, I give thanks for my wife and family for the love, concern, and support – yet I pray for those without surrounding love.

Although this is only a small list, I thank God for my gift of life so I can enjoy the endless list of gifts I’ve encountered in my thousands of days.

Although I’ve only experienced a small slice of worldly human culture, I give thanks to a tiny slice – the world of music and its many forms that I have found and those I have yet to discover. With that, Simple Gifts on handbells by a very good group (the Pikes Peak Ringers).

A blessed and safe Thanksgiving to everyone!

14 thoughts on “On Thanksgiving 2009

    • David,
      Not only thanks for the kind words, many thanks for your encouragement, help, and support with blogging … more importantly, for being an example of kindness.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you my friend!


    • Cheers to my favorite Reds fan in Pennsylvania! Many thanks and best wishes to you for this holiday season and on. You are one of the many good people that cyberspace has connected for me. Keep up your good work.


  1. hello Frank! just like you.. i have been busy too. i am trying to get back into blogging but can’t do it 100% as of now. but i am glad to update my blogs somehow.

    Happy thanksgiving to you and your family. i like your post. you are such a thoughtful person.

    why won’t you get a pet? and oh… glad to know about you having a project… keeps you busy, huh?



    • Hi Maxi,
      Good to hear from you. Pets are wonderful and both of us enjoy them. We’re cat people and have had 3 through the years. But once we lost the last one, we know he would be the last because of my wife’s allergies … but we wish we could have one because good pets stand by you no matter what happens.

      Thanks for people one of the many good people in the world!


  2. Hi Frank,

    I give thanks for the great people I’ve met through blogging, yourself obviously included. You insightful and thought provoking posts are obviously the work of a gifted and talented writer.

    No worries about irregular posting, we understand it’s the holidays.

    Thanks Frank

    Happy Thanksgiving brother


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