On Wine Corks

Growing up in an Italian household, I learned to drink wine at an early age through the wonders of 7Up. Although a s an adult I didn’t step up into the real wine world; well, not until 1997 – the year of our week vacation in San Francisco, which included a one-day trip to Napa.

Since I’ve already posted about my wine journey, that’s not where this story is going. Early in my journey I started saving corks. Not as a collector, but just saving them!

Corks tell stories. Most of natural, thus made from the striped bark of a cork tree; but the synthetics come in a variety of colors. Some wineries print their name horizontally, others vertically. Some have sayings, others have images. Some display humor, others are serious.

Here are ways we use corks.

2 thoughts on “On Wine Corks

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