On CFB Notes

On Switching Coaches
The situation involving Brian Kelly leaving Cincinnati for Notre Dame is a signal of what is wrong with college football. I simply ask these questions: Do contracts matter? Does finishing the season matter? Obviously the answers are no, and Cincinnati seems to be doing the same thing to Central Michigan, but that doesn’t make it right.

On Brian Kelly
Since arriving at ND, Brian Kelly professes that he did everything right in this transition out of town. Interestingly, Coach Kelly is a great PR guy for a program and demanded the media pay attention as soon as he got to town. On the other hand, not only did he leave town by refusing to talk to the media, he and AD Mike Thomas made players available to the media before the team banquet (and before the players officially knew) while be unavailable. Sorry coach, you don’t put college athletes in that position.

On the BCS Championship Game
Nebraska had Texas between the proverbial rock and hard place, and then decided to take a humanitarian approach and help the Longhorns. After all, a Cornhusker win would put the college football fans and the BCS committee in the unfortunate pickle of selecting one from the unannointed group of Boise, Cincinnati, and TCU. See this recent George Will column.

On the Big 10
The Big Can’t Count is considering expanding from 11 to 12 teams – and I assuming keeping the Big 10 moniker. The move is about dollars as a 12th team means a conference championship game. Besides, stealing one more a Big East team will help disrupt the Big East and push the Big East out of the BCS alignment. Why you ask? Dollars.

On the Last Game
There are many great rivalries in college football, but even in today’s BCS glitz, none can top the game of what college football should be all about: Army-Navy.

3 thoughts on “On CFB Notes

  1. The Kelly transition, and likewise the Rich Rodriquez one before this, shows exactly why schools should only do year-to-year contracts with coaches. A coach expects that a team will pay them a buy-out for early termination, but there should be language written into these deals as well that covers the school if they are left hung out to dry.


    • Frag,
      Yep … A friend and I were talking about Walter Alston and his 1-year contracts … and for what – 24 years or so?

      Great hearing from you and thanks for stopping by!


  2. It seems every year this happens…Coaches jumping around and there seems to be no consequences…If it’s gonna be like that, the players from those teams should be able to transfer without losing a year…

    Great post Frank


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