On Another Holiday Music Bit for Monday

One thing for sure – the holiday season offers many musical opportunities. Last Monday I offered Alchemy Handbells with their hectic rendition of a tune from the Nutcracker. Thanks to the glory of mining You Tube, I discovered another Alchemy gem – but this time as a trio. Not only watch with amazement, but also listen!

Have a great and safe week.


5 thoughts on “On Another Holiday Music Bit for Monday

    • CCC,
      As a handbell player, their level of skill is amazing. As I watch and listen I wonder “how did they do that”? Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for visiting.


  1. oh my!!! I like that other yahoo video you posted here and i do like this one more! the sound of the bells are so good to hear!

    permission to post this video in my blog? hope you’ll say yes, Frank!


    • Hi Maxi,
      No problem … go ahead on use the video as it is courtesy of YouTube … so Alchemy Handbell group gets all the credit!

      Thanks for stopping by and hope all is well!


    • Maxi … absolutely. I’m sure the Alchemy Handbell Ensemble appreciates the publicity!

      Glad you enjoyed this & thanks for stopping by.


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