On a Tragic Bengal

Cincinnati Bengals Chris Henry’s death was tragic. There is no doubt that he had issues, but he was sincerely trying to improve. At certainly was not at the pinnacle of human behavior, he vastly improved from where he was.

After he broke his wrist in the Baltimore game, I immediately wondered what would happen to him. After all, football gave him two things that he needed and used: structure (through the disciplines of being on an NFL team) and support (through the other players who sincerely watched and helped him). To me, the fact that the accident happened in Charlotte speaks volumes about my thoughts.

The reaction by two individuals and one general group caught my attention. The group were the many who were very against him in the past suddenly did an about face. You know the type, so elaboration is not necessary.

Many often criticize team owner Mike Brown for the franchise’s low achievement. I have often said that two of his biggest faults and two of his strengths are qualities that most people want in others: loyalty and opportunity – the latter being giving another chance to someone because he saw the positive that could come out. Regarding this accident, I am sure Mr. Brown hurts.

It was also interesting to watch Chad Ochocinco. For all his self-center antics, there is no question in my mind that Chad felt a deep loss. The game in San Diego is the first one I can remember when Chad did not bring attention to himself. The guy who would rather pay a fine for doing something goofy after scoring instead of donating to a charity, stayed focus on the team and his fallen teammate. Maybe it took Chris Henry to show give Chad some perspective on life.


2 thoughts on “On a Tragic Bengal

  1. Solemn words for a tragic event. I am with you in thinking that if he wasn’t injured, he’d be alive today. He did leave a troubled past, one in which I personally spoke out against, but he had been doing all of the right things to turn his life around.

    I also agree with you that Ocho was extremely saddened by the loss. He does a lot of silly things, but I love how he wanted to honor Henry by wearing his jersey, and at the same time gave up on it because it would be a distraction that Chris wouldn’t want.

    This is a painful reminder that life is short.


    • Lester,
      Coach Lewis reminded all of us that there are many players that this was the closest loss they experienced, so it was a new life event for them. Not only is it a reminder that life is short, it also helps put life in perspective. For instance Chad – last week he put it in perspective realizing it wasn’t about him.

      Thanks for commenting!


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