On Merry Christmas 2009

Christmas Eve may be my favorite day of the year. Not so much in a family way, but after the hectic shopping season, I like driving past shopping areas and seeing empty parking lots. That calm simply subdues the frantic nature of the preceding days.

Many of you have given me a gift by simply stopping by and possibly commenting. I’m touched, humbled, and grateful for your time: Tim, Rad, Dave, Joe, Maxi, David, Ryan, Beeze, Larry, Paulette, Mo, Frag, Brad, Michelle, Randy, Dwain, 3rd Stone, CCC, Chris, CJ, JD, Chuck, Luke, Jake, Rod, Al, Larry, Kebby, Dan, Charles, Kelly, Tim, Tori, Diana, Lisa, Cam, Jerry, Hooper, Walter, John, Bobby, David, Brian, Steve, KJ, Blask, Carol, Jane, Paddy, Jason, Alex, Ben, Matt, Sharon, Stan, Kelly, Tom, Adam, Andy, whoever I left out, and whoever read and never commented.

As I’ve said before, my work schedule has strained my posting and my visits to the blog that help in my learning. I miss visiting you, but a special thanks for your continual visits here.

Although I wish Merry Christmas to all, I also extended greetings to you in whatever your tradition! Meanwhile, my Christmas gift to you is three minutes of Carol of the Bells by the fantastic Celtic Woman.


8 thoughts on “On Merry Christmas 2009

  1. I love Celtic Woman!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours – and on behalf of all your readers, thank you for consistently writing such an entertaining, thought-provoking blog! All the best in 2010!


  2. Ditto what Chris said. And let me add the word “objective” to describe the blogs you write on here which is hard to find in the blogging community.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours my good friend! Thanks for the mention!


  3. As you know the past few weeks has been equally hectic for me as it has been for you, but I do want to thank you for your kind words, encouragement and advice given this year. I’m sure next year will be equally as interesting as was 2009.

    I may have the opportunity to visit your city next year too. Lets keep our fingers crossed. You’re sure to hear from me again, before the year is out, but I want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.


    Tim & Company


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