On Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 46

On Priorities of Politicians
The more I observe our political system at work, the more I realize what it’s all about. Although in the last presidential campaign John McCain used Country First, reality is that Country is way down the list with self, party, special interests, and contributors getting the highest priority. Moreover, people wonder what’s wrong in Washington and politicians wonder why many voters become disenchanted.

On Bank Loans
Amidst the growing list of banks repaying their government loans, where are the calls of Fascism? Oh, they are the ones crying wolf in another topic.

On a Recent 60 Minutes
The Dec 20th edition of 60 Minutes very interesting. The first segment was about the economic impact on Wilmington, Ohio due to the closing of a major employer. Since Wilmington less than an hour away and I know affected people, it found it humbling.

The second segment was about the Orthodox Church, whose main office is in Turkey with its Muslim population in the high 90%. The segment showed Turkey’s ancient ties to Christianity. Amazing – especially the information about Capadocia! To see the segment, forward the video to around the 15-minute mark. Otherwise, see images of Capadocia here.

On the Big Can’t Count
The 11-team Big 10 Conference is considering expansion. Interestingly, there’s a report out of Chicago stating the conference will examine expansion to 12, 14, or even 16. The demise of Big East football is getting closer.

On Bias in College Voting
Everyone knows that voters don’t show bias or favoritism in college polls and awards. Point in case. In the recent AP Coach of the Year balloting, the top 3 vote getters were Gary Patterson (TCU – 21 votes), Brian Kelly (Cincinnati – 19 votes), and Nick Sabin (Alabama – 14 votes).

Let me get this straight. Nick Sabin received 14 votes for leading a pre-season top-5 team to an undefeated season over Patterson, whose team pre-season ranking around 17; and Kelly, whose team was unranked.

Verdict – Guilty and case closed without appeal.

On a New Header Cometh
Following the swap I did last January, sometime on January 1st I plan to reveal a new header. Please stop by and give me your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “On Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 46

  1. I’m looking forward to it. I always try to offer a new look for the new year, but I actually like the template I’m using now, so I guess it’s a new banner for me as well. I just hope I can find the time to get into Photoshop or Fireworks to create something.


    • Tim,
      Heck, I’ve been to your site enough to know that you change with special occasions and even to coincide with the post! 🙂

      I will say that my new one is not an original. Thanks for visiting.


  2. Hey, what about BG in the Big Blue Field Bowl? OK, the Vandal didn’t really score with :04 left, but the Falcon D left a lot to be desired. Still, great game! And, how ’bout them Bucks? Finally they quieted the critics, if only for a while.
    Big Ten should expand, include Cincinnati, split into 2 divisions and have a lucrative Championship Game, and limit the out of conference games to 3. Notre Dame would be the most logical choice, but they’ve never shown the urge to come down from their lofty perch to join us mortals. Hey, their loss.
    Happy New Year, everyone. Give thanks for the simple stuff. Trust me, you have nothing that you can’t lose.


    • Jose,
      As I’ve stated in the past, I’m not a fan of the large conferences … especially the 12 so they can get the conference championship game. Bottom line I favor a 10-team conference. Here’s what I wrote in early December.

      As far as BG goes, well the MAC losing streak continues (of which I believe is currently 15) … and the Falcons will enter a down period.

      Happy New Year to you and your family … and thanks for stopping by.


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