On Closing 2009

As 2009 approaches its end, I find myself in a melancholy mood. I know happiness will ring abound at midnight, but the end of a year is a chance to look ahead and look back. At least today, I’m looking more back.

I, like many, enjoy seeing the bits about the top stories of the year, the greatest accomplishments, and those reminders of the celebrities who passed away – which is always a reminder on ABC’s This Week. But the passing of the famous also serves other reminders; such as

  • The many others famous in their land that passed away throughout the world, yet whose name and accomplishments were totally unknown to me.
  • The many non-famous that lived their life in such a way that their goodness is still alive in others.
  • The families of all who lost someone and the range of emotions they carry.
  • Those who passed from needless acts.
  • Those who passed from an empty life and without the knowledge of others … and the list can go on.

These aren’t my normal New Years’ Eve thoughts, but they are something to ponder. Meanwhile, I hope everyone has a safe evening, joys at midnight, and much happiness in 2010.


5 thoughts on “On Closing 2009

  1. It was an unforgettable year with the deaths of famous personalities and the never-ending news of Tiger Woods. We had the first African-American President sworn in, and the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Lakers went back to their winning ways as far as league titles are concerned.

    For me personally, it was a better year than expected with the places I got to see and things I did.

    Happy New Year to you Frank!


  2. To the “Frank” who became my friend in 2009 — cheers!!!

    I really thank fate that somehow (thanks David!) we’ve crossed paths. who knows maybe one day, we’ll really meet in person if I get to visit the US!

    Thank you for being a good friend, for sharing this video and for sharing your thoughts! Happy new year to you and your family!


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