On Stay Out of the News

The news is full of people. First, everyone not only has their preference of news channels, news watchers also have their favorite broadcasters. On the other hand, think about the people in the news. The news is full of the rich, the famous, obnoxious politicians, arrogant athletes, and village idiots; then sprinkled with good Samaritans and the needy.

I am not a fan of Republican House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) or Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), but they maintain positions that are in the news. Although I cannot stand to hear either of them, both are news worthy.

On this post, I ask this question: Who are the people in the news that you wish would go away? No wish of ill or harm, just get out of the news!

Here is my list, so who are yours?

Tiger Woods – I play golf; enjoy watching golf, and a Tiger fan. Because he made bad decisions, his personal life has its share of struggles. Given all the problems in this country and in the world, I wish he would be out of the news – well, at least until he returns to golf.

Pat Robertson – The man simply has the propensity of saying stupid things at the wrong time.

Rosie O’Donnell – Oh please, not her again.

Rush Limbaugh – He can say all he wants on his radio show because I do not listen. I even wished him well during his health issue. Otherwise, stay out of the news!

John Edwards – Currently, the undisputed #1!


On Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 50

On a Few Political Shorts
As I posted yesterday, I did not watch the State of the Union. From the reports and snippets that I’ve seen, I’m glad I didn’t. Yesterday’s post gave 10 suggestions to Democrats, of which I expect them to do none of them.

Organization guru Steven Covey had an interesting article in the USA Weekender two weeks ago about how political parties can come together. Good idea – fat chance of it happening. Here’s my post on the widening gap.

Politicians simply make it too easy to demonstrate why moderates independents are unhappy. Let’s look at some comments by Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC).

Jul 17, 2019: “If we’re able to stop Obama on this, it will be his Waterloo. It will break him.”

Jan 24, 2010: “I did not want this to be the president’s Waterloo.”

On the New Addition to the Links
Since the Anonymous Moderate mentioned A Frank Angle, I have added this site on my sidebar.

On Tiger and Golf
As the PGA tour starts its season, Tiger is currently out of the picture. Golf needs him and he needs golf. Nonetheless, he has to get his life in order, thus golf must wait.

On Wine and Poems
This may seem like a strange pairing, but here’s a site with poems about wine.

On Hamburgers
Hamburgers are an American food treasure. For those who love these savory patties anytime of the year, here’s a good article about it’s history.

To go into the weekend, here’s a fun report from Bill Geist (CBS Sunday Morning) regarding what could be the best burger to be found. Enjoy and have a great and safe weekend!

On Ideas for Democrats

Recent results in Massachusetts stung Democrats. As they scramble and make excuses, I find it hard to believe that their ways will change. I normally listen to the State of the Union, but not tonight because watching Democrats stand, applaud, and yell while the Republicans sit and pout supports my notion of the problem. Besides, I’m not in the mood for political rhetoric.

Although I doubt if they are interested, here are 10 ways (in no particular order), Democrats can regain support of independent moderates.

  1. Whether through resignation or vote, replace Speaker Pelosi with a moderate, maybe even a Blue Dog. The public does not support her, and she misjudged this 2008 election results.
  2. Replace Senator Reid as Senate Majority Leader. If not, the people of Nevada may deal an additional credibility blow to the party.
  3. Freeze Congressional salaries without a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA), and then only ties raises based on the degree of overall annual government budget surpluses.
  4. Cut budgets for Congressional staffing by 10% and limit staff increases to COLAs.
  5. Govern from the center, and if the White House doesn’t like it, tough nuggies! Governing from the center means helping the people while being fiscally responsible. By the way, the public will abandon obstinate Republicans.
  6. Its jobs, jobs, jobs! Besides being laden with pork, the first stimulus aimed at helping public agencies to support the needy people and funding temporary public projects. Unfortunately, President Obama did not sell it that way. A suggestion – Instead of giving businesses money to do something (which could be whatever), give tax credits for businesses doing something that established employment in the 50 states – not elsewhere.
  7. Health insurance reform is possible, so get out of your financer’s pockets, and think outside the box to legislate something the majority of the public can support.
  8. Stop using the “inherited situation” as an excuse. The people know the situation and are tired of hearing that excuse.
  9. President Obama using the veto pen on this own party.
  10. Step down from your pompous throne and get down to governing. I imagine the percentage of Congressional liberals in Washington is higher than the percentage of liberal Americans.

During the campaign, President Obama used Yes we can. In this recent article after the recent results in Massachusetts, Ben Feller (AP) used Yes I hear it. I use this phrase from a commercial, Can you hear me (us) now?

Interesting Reading

On Cancer News

About 6 weeks ago, the news reported the good and amazing news that deaths from cancer declined. Considering over 20 years has passed since my mother succumbed from her cancer battle, I say Amen to progress. Interestingly, the next week we received news that doctors diagnosed two of our friends with cancer – and one of those friends I would consider in my inner circle.

Here are some of my hopes for them.

  • Hope that they will attack with a determined, positive attitude.
  • Hope for patience with their spouses.
  • Hope for strength and support for their spouses and immediate family.
  • Hope they do not fall into the “why me?” pit of self-pity.

The latter may seem a bit odd, but I still recall a TV interview with a group of cancer survivors during my mother’s battle those many years ago. The survivor simply said, “Why not me? What was so special about me that I deserved to be immune?”

The survivor’s answer was a simple “nothing” – and I related it to my mother. She treated people well, yet she was not special enough for the world to spare her from the battle, and someone else gets it.

Several months ago a friend of mine told me of one of their friend in their late 20s was diagnosed with cancer. Once again, I simply asked the same question. He suddenly stopped to think as the question caught him a bit off guard … then he kept thinking after he relayed my question to his spouse.

To everyone fighting cancer, I pray for your strength and healing – so be strong and keep your head up.

PS: Since the situation involving my mother became a special moment in my life, I invite you to read my story here (a past post).

On My Drive-Time Listening

Life of full of good news/bad news events – after all, every situation has plusses and minuses. This past September I received good news that I would be involved in an 11-month project starting in October. Bad news is the work is 70 miles away.

I accepted the work, thus spend more time than I prefer in a car. Friends ask me if I listen to books on the road. Although I good idea, I tell them that XM radio is my reliable companion. Since I appreciate many types of music, XM allows me to select the music that is best for the time of day, travel conditions, and my mood. Besides, I enjoy hearing music that I do not know. Here is my primary listening choices, listed by channel number (not preference).

XM 32 – The Message
Playing contemporary Christian music that is more electric and pop than I realized, The Message offers me inspirational words of faith and hope through music that causes me to reflect and even at times pray. I admit that I had only heard of a few artists before becoming a listener, but this music has been a pleasant surprise.

XM 45 – Spectrum

To me, Spectrum offers contemporary rock for adults. It’s not heavy, but not pop – yet a blend of artists that I know and others that are new to me. Plus, some of the original MTV VJs host.

XM 51 – Coffee House
I’m not a coffee drinker, but I can imagine sitting in a coffeehouse listening to acoustic versions of hits by the original artists or original tunes by local artists that probably won’t make it to the national scene. Although Coffee House does not feature songs from the latter, I thought the description would help describe the music.

XM 72 – Spa
Spa attacks the new age side of me as I really like the music. Whether at the end of a hectic day or when taking precautions by driving slower on slick, snow-covered roads, Spa’s music selection gives me a sense of calm … a journey into tranquility. Besides, it is also quick access to some interesting music on neighboring stations.

XM 73 – Simply Sinatra
The channel of crooners – whether Mel Torme, Sammy Davis Jr, or Nat King Cole – or modern day crooners as Michael Buble or Harry Connick Jr – female artists from the past as Peggy Lee or Rosemary Cloney – or every fifth song by Frank Sinatra – this channel takes me back to an era of nightclubs and fox trots.

XM 74 – Bluesville

Although I listen to this the least of the listed, certain blues offers a beat that I enjoy. Although I recognize the artists, others catch my ear and cause the toes to tap – such as Tab Benoit’s Too Sweet for Me.

XM 134 – NPR Now
I like learning and think, so talk shows can provide that avenue – but listening to some talk-show hosts is difficult. Listening to callers can be worse. Sometimes I treat my cerebral side by tuning in to hear intelligent conversations about a topic. Oh my, this can be quite enlightening.

Traveling on Air Tran airlines introduced me to XM radio. Two years ago, I purchased a new car offering free XM for 3 months. I loved it and have been an avid listener (only in the car) ever since. Click here to read other posts I’ve written about XM radio.

On Ten Things Causing Me to Smile

Although I have done a couple, in general, I am not big into tags – but there are times I enjoy reading them. As a writer, tags stimulate short thoughts on random topics – as a reader, tags provide an opportunity to learn more about person behind the blog. I occasionally post things about myself, but as I general rule, that’s not my style – however, it’s been a while, so why not!

Maxi, writer of Ovah Coffee and several other blogs, tagged me in this post. She is one of my international readers – and one whose blog I read when I can. Besides being a good writer, knowing multiple languages, and obviously intelligent, she seems personable, genuine, and nice. Besides, sure wish I had half of her readership.

Cheers Maxi for getting me to post 10 things that make me smile. Disclaimer: Neither preferential order here – nor am I saying these are my top 10 – but I am this list.

I’m not much about tagging either, but I  tag Rad, Tim, Beeze, David, and Mo.

1) During anything with my wife that we both want to do

2) Tasting a wonderful wine at a wine tasting with presenter helping me learn

3) Whether past, present, or future, I appreciate positive interactions with positive people

4) Whether our own or those of others, I appreciate pets. Interesting with an accepting dog or cat is always a pleasure.

5) Good wine and good information at a wine tasting is good for the mind. Good wine with good food is a great combination. Sharing good wine accompanied by good food with friends creates many smiles.

6) Seeing news items supporting my belief that good people exist in every country throughout the world

7) Writing for the blog because it forces me to think and learn

8) Watching one of my sports teams win – especially over a rival

9) Whether on the golf course, the ballroom floor, in the kitchen, in the handbell choir, or whatever, doing something well and receiving a compliment brings an outward slight smile, but a big smile within myself

10) Shania Twain