On Opening 2010

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a safe evening.

I start the year with a new banner and with a Past Banner page.

As I look at images from Hubble, I find myself in awe in the fact that we are simply a small speck of dust in a vast universe of continual creation.

Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot video, one that I periodically watch (and embedded below), helps me understand the vastness. Coupled with my interest in theology and science, I continually wonder why creationists continue to give God so little credit.

Hubble images are so inspiring that I dedicate 2010 to these discoveries by not only starting the year with one of these images, but also occasionally switching to another. This image is of the Veil Nebula, so here is more information about these remains of a supernova.

Not only do I encourage you to visit the Hubble Gallery, also consider this reading with interactivity about how NASA transforms Hubble’s black and white images into colors.

Meanwhile, may 2010 bring you good health, a positive attitude, good friends, tolerance, patience, happiness, positive interactions with positive people, success, and continual learning.