On to College Basketball

Now with the college football now over, basketball takes the spotlight for the next few months. Although one thing the two have in common is  both polls are both are full of bias and favoritism, at least college basketball ends the season crowning a legitimate national champion – none of this mythical B(C)S.

Here in Cincinnati, the years when Bob Huggins coached the Bearcats were wonderful. Although I recognize that Huggs is no longer here and Coach Cronin’s teams are improving, this moment below is still one of my favorites.

Because the audio is so lousy on this clip, let me set the stage. ESPN was in town to broadcast the first practice of the season known as Midnight Madness. Robin Roberts was in the booth and Dick Vitale on the floor introducing Cory Clouse – a UC student shooting for a one year scholarship of tuition, room, and board … and the ever-animated Vitale offers to thrown in free books. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “On to College Basketball

    • 3rd Stone,
      Although many don’t like him, I think DV is a classic. One thing for sure, he loves life and basketball. Thanks for commenting.


  1. I remember watching that when it happened, and the reactions of everyone! That was a classic!

    I’m glad someone found the clip for that.

    BTW, I am the same way about basketball now with football winding down.


    • David,
      Agree … a classic. With comments about tossing in the books and his eventual reaction, Vitale helped make it a classic.
      Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for stopping by.


    • ThereAndBack,
      I’m glad that Huggs is doing well there. At least he had a foundation upon which to build. Although he left under not the best of circumstances, I’ve never heard him say negative things about his time here.

      Speaking of WVU, I attended this year’s football with WVU here. Saw a first-class move by Coach Stewart. Between the first and second quarter, UC honored a player who graduated last year. Coach went down, shook his hand and talked. Not sure how many noticed it, but that was well done.

      Thanks for stopping by and hope you return in the future.


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