On Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 48

On Haiti
Thoughts and prayers go to those suffering from the recent earthquake. It’s tough to imagine how such a poor country copes from such devastation. I encourage everyone to donate to the charity of your choice to help with the relief effort.

As for Pat Robertson’s comment, the one thing I find more troubling than the comment of one man is that there are so many people believing the same thing.

On the Bank Loans
The banks are unquestionably goofy and losing the trust of many. Although (in principle) I supported the bailout because the financial system is the foundation for so much in our life, the too many in the banking sector have abused the system. Yes, some banks voluntarily paid back the money, but I support President Obama’s claim that the people deserve payback of every dime. Well, plus interest! Of course getting Washington to call in their marker is another story.

On More Sex
CNN’s health specialist, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, reported last weekend about the benefits of sex that the Journal of Sexual Medicine recently published. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the actual report. In its place, here are several links: a different CNN videoa CNN article, and an article from WebMD.

On the American Girth
As a whole, we Americans are an obese society – but wait – a recent report says the obesity rate is leveling off. This picture (and accompanying post) is a must see/read. What a hoot!

On My Open Letter
This weekend I hope to submit my open letter to Congressman John Boehner through the Cincinnati Enquirer. The paper printing it will be the first hurdle, and Mr. Boehner answering is another.

On an Different All-American College Football Team
Since the BCS schools typically dominate the All-American roster, here’s an interesting list that excludes the BCS players.

Have a great and safe weekend! Enjoy this short introductory clip from the past. Oh the memories.

6 thoughts on “On Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 48

    • Larry,
      I submitted the short letter to the paper yesterday. I’ll give it a few days, then I’ll determine what to do next. But yes … it will appear here. Thanks for visiting and commenting.


  1. Well I have plenty to say to Rush Limbaugh & Pat Robertson, but they probably wouldn’t receive it.

    I would enjoy seeing both Rush Limbaugh & Pat Robertson in Haiti and forced to address the grieving mother of the dead child and the remaining one that she’s now powerless to provide any relief.

    What about the least of these, Pat? Isn’t that what Jesus said or do you follow a different God now.

    I’m sorry Frank, but this absolutely burns me up to see the lack of concern and opportunism these guys represent and continue to perpetuate. Put them in the same situation and faced with the same obstacles these people and so many others routinely face and they would crumble faster than the buildings in Haiti.

    Pat Robertson should know these things if he’s claiming to be a Christian. Talking about making a pact with the Devil. If he knew anything about World History and even American History he would understand the role the Haitian slave revolt played in the geographical composition of the U.S. Without getting into a history lesson, but it was because of the ONLY successful slave revolt that allowed France to reconsider it’s obligations and role in ‘The New World’ ie the Louisiana Purchase. A deal with the Devil. Shouldn’t any minister be aware of the story of the Rich Man & Lazaraus. I will stop, but he was wrong on so many levels and CBN is sticking with him yet again.

    Rush Limbaugh is… I said I was going to stop.

    This week has been interesting to say the least. The racist & hypocrites (sometimes one in the same) are out in full force this week.


  2. so glad I missed the comment, but can imagine it was laden with uneducated anger

    ever hear Sam Kinison joke Pat Robertson?

    “Yeah, I know it is 3 AM Pat, but I want you to go outside and check your tire pressure”

    Rocky/ Bullwinkle always makes me smile


    • Stone,
      Spare yourself the time as Limbaugh and Robertson aren’t worth your time. Nonetheless, thanks for the good Kinison line!

      Glad you appreciated Rocky & Bullwinkle … 2 classics! Thanks for visiting!


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