On the Health Insurance Merry-Go-Round

With the Massachusetts special election for senator upon us, it seems appropriate to write about health insurance.

Anyone thinking that Congress has the intestinal fortitude and wisdom to create meaningful health insurance reform would be a combination of dreaming and brainless bliss. Anyone thinking that the Republican Party was capable of such an act clearly demonstrates sheer stupidity. Anyone thinking that the Democratic Party could create an effective program without catering to special interests is stranded in a small boat many miles from shore while rowing into the wind with a set of toothpicks.

One side of me thinks that whatever the Democratic Congress agrees upon is better than what is currently in place. Maybe so, but ineffective legislators aside, the health insurance industry is the problem. It is the large, untamed elephant in the room. Great plan Congressional Sherlock – give it plenty of peanuts and build around it!

So, thanks to the Democratic Party for screwing up the chance to produce meaningful legislation that the public can support regarding a timely and meaningful issue. You have done well at convincing supporters to become turncoats. Several late-December columns examine the stench the Democrats created during the process. I do not agree with all of their points, but collectively through different points, they hit the nail on the head. Thank you David Brooks, David Broder, and Paul Krugman.

Also, thanks to the Republican Party for sticking to the same principle that you demonstrated during your power period (1995-2006). No matter what you say, you do not have interest in the matter, thus no need for a plan.

For readers, since everyone cites public opinion, here is the Gallup organization with some interesting numbers.