On Ten Things Causing Me to Smile

Although I have done a couple, in general, I am not big into tags – but there are times I enjoy reading them. As a writer, tags stimulate short thoughts on random topics – as a reader, tags provide an opportunity to learn more about person behind the blog. I occasionally post things about myself, but as I general rule, that’s not my style – however, it’s been a while, so why not!

Maxi, writer of Ovah Coffee and several other blogs, tagged me in this post. She is one of my international readers – and one whose blog I read when I can. Besides being a good writer, knowing multiple languages, and obviously intelligent, she seems personable, genuine, and nice. Besides, sure wish I had half of her readership.

Cheers Maxi for getting me to post 10 things that make me smile. Disclaimer: Neither preferential order here – nor am I saying these are my top 10 – but I am this list.

I’m not much about tagging either, but I  tag Rad, Tim, Beeze, David, and Mo.

1) During anything with my wife that we both want to do

2) Tasting a wonderful wine at a wine tasting with presenter helping me learn

3) Whether past, present, or future, I appreciate positive interactions with positive people

4) Whether our own or those of others, I appreciate pets. Interesting with an accepting dog or cat is always a pleasure.

5) Good wine and good information at a wine tasting is good for the mind. Good wine with good food is a great combination. Sharing good wine accompanied by good food with friends creates many smiles.

6) Seeing news items supporting my belief that good people exist in every country throughout the world

7) Writing for the blog because it forces me to think and learn

8) Watching one of my sports teams win – especially over a rival

9) Whether on the golf course, the ballroom floor, in the kitchen, in the handbell choir, or whatever, doing something well and receiving a compliment brings an outward slight smile, but a big smile within myself

10) Shania Twain

11 thoughts on “On Ten Things Causing Me to Smile

    • Beeze,
      Glad you see the tag, after all, I had a feeling this would be a feast for you … thus I look forward to your post.

      Most of us have had our share of celebrity crushes throughout life. In my case, I’ve declared Shania the all-time winner as I just can’t see how anyone will take her place in my mind. I don’t watch American Idol, but I’ve the a clip of of her recent appearance – and she still has it!

      Thanks for visiting and glad you saw the tag.


  1. Good list, and no one will argue #10 if you have any sense at all! LOL!

    I like #3 and #6 as well. Good, positive people do exist in this world.

    I was tagged by Maxi with this one as well, and will eventually get around to it. I have more in line to do, and just did one today.

    Thanks for the comment on that Freezer Bowl entry. I have some sports posts coming up soon including a nice idea for the Super Bowl.

    Later and thanks again!


    • David,
      The Freeze Bowl was a classic. Heck, we could have turned it into an interview! Ha ha … but I recall suggesting it to you some time ago, so thanks for remembering.

      just can’t go wrong with #10! Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Hello Frank!!! Although I haven’t had the time to drop by your blog at once… at least I am here now!

    I’ve been busy with the exams during the first week of class. I just finished the French test (written) this afternoon. My brain’s twisted but is still in good condition (?).

    … and oh!!! blushed when you mentioned “She is one of my international readers – and one whose blog I read when I can. Besides being a good writer, knowing multiple languages, and obviously intelligent, she seems personable, genuine, and nice” *blush blush*

    Thank you so very very much for the kind words! *wink*

    I hope that one day, I will be able to appreciate the taste of wine. I will have to try harder however, my sense of smell and taste buds really do not enjoy the taste of it. 😦

    I am glad to know that you like pets. I have two cats ( I know you know that already ) and I really really love them. I am hoping to get a dog one day soon. Perhaps when we are able to relocate to a bigger apartment. Next year, maybe?

    … and yes… there are good people around the world and they aren’t hard to find despite the overflowing number of the evil ones. Good still prevails!

    Hugs to you Frank! A huge “hello” from me to your wife!

    Have a very nice day!


    • Maxi,
      I know you’ve been busy so I was hoping you would see this list before your trip … plus, I’m glad I caused you to blush. 🙂

      Regarding pets, I need to write a post about them … simply b/c they gave us so much joy. AS for the wine, there’s actually a progression one could take into learning if desired. Then again, it’s not for everyone.

      Hope all went well with your tests and have a great trip … and thanks for verifying about the good people!


    • Newtown,
      Welcome first-time commenter. I guess through the years I have a few posts about self … although self-promotion is not strength. Heck, this post of long enough ago that I had to revisit it to see what the first point was on my list. 🙂 … Bottom line, I tend to me more of a pleaser than one who insists being pleased. Thanks for visiting and hope you return.


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