On Saturday Cartoons of Years Ago

I grew up during the golden age of cartoon … especially the Saturday morning variety. Hmmmm …. I just got a thought about a potential feature. Oh well, here are a few of the openers of some of my favorites. Enjoy and have a safe weekend!

Rocky and Bullwinkle

Mr. Magoo

Buggs Bunny-Road Runner Hour

The Jetsons

Johnny Quest

18 thoughts on “On Saturday Cartoons of Years Ago

  1. Ya know, when I was young and had only 4 channels, my dad would wake me and my brother up at 6 in the morning and lie us in the living room for “Cartoon Day.” Cartoons now day are just interesting….


    • Jake,
      Considering sharing this post with your dad as he may recall these for the golden age of cartoons. Well … at least in my mind. Thanks for sharing.


  2. My kids have no idea, that Saturday morning was the only time you could see cartoons…Now they’re on non-stop…How things change!

    Loved Rocky and Bullwinkle…That’s one my Dad would actually watch with us…I was a big Jetsons fan…Jane was hot!


    • Beeze,
      I can also recall a time when cartoons are on at 4 pm Mon-Fri. Now there’s an after-school treat. A lot of Popeye – the one many consider too violent, but they obviously don’t know what their kids are seeing on video games.
      Thanks for commenting.


    • Larry,
      I like the opener to the Buggs Bunny-Road Runner Hour as all the characters marched across the stage. Talk about a parade of giants! How can one not want to cheer for each of them! And then to have Foghorn Leghorn as the topping on the cake!

      Thanks for commenting.


    • Tim,
      Oh my … Top Cat … another one of my favorites back in the day. This is helping to convince me that I need to do a series on old cartoons. Thanks for the reminder!


  3. I forgot to add he also recently got into Hong Kong Phooey. It’s neat to me, because I use to watch the cartoon when it was actually on the air when I was a kid.

    It beats Sponge Bob Square Pants or some of the other cartoons out now.


  4. Wonderful, Frank. Thanks. And did you notice, not a parent or an adult insulted in the process. I hate today’s kids’ TV because it reinforces the fact that adults are stupid and that kids are superior. And then they have to function as adults and it’s not pretty.


    • Elyse,
      I must admit to not watching kids tv today, nor for sometime … so I will take you word for it. But I do shake my head about how parental groups attacked the classic cartoons. Oh boy … thanks for commenting.


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