On Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 53

On a Coincidence
This is Vol. 53 of this feature, and earlier this week I featured the number 53 in a post.

On Losing Moderate Democrats
With Evan Bayh (D-IN) joining Byron Dorgan (D-ND), the Democrats are losing two senators who are willing find common ground with Republicans. This probably means that the partisan divide will grow.

Here are a few great columns of the week.

On the Stimulus Anniversary
Pundits have noted that one year ago this week, President Obama signed the economic stimulus bill. While I encouraged a presidential veto, the bill is far from as bad as Republicans make it to be, and far from as effective as Democrats claim. But here’s what gets me the most – the Republicans proclaiming excess pork while smilingly bringing home the bacon. To keep it simple, they are pathetic and an embarrassment to us all.

On a Willie Song
While recently listening to Bluesville (XM 74), I heard Willie Mabon’s version of Poison Ivy with the following lyrical line (which cracked me up): I feel like poison ivy, I breakout all over you.

On Curling
Since curling seems to captivate people every four years, let the record show that I have curled … actually about 35 years ago.

On a Cincinnati Winter
On Feb 15th we broke the record (1914) for most snow in February. And to think we still have almost two weeks to go.

On Moon-Driven Desserts
Last week we were in Alabama – and with Mardi Gras on the doorstep, Moon Pies are in the air. The Mobile Press-Register’s article showing how to incorporate Moon Pies into desserts caught my attention. Since I cannot locate that article, this one will have to do. The picture here is worth the look – and I dedicate this to blogger/photographer Joe in Arkansas.

On Thoughts to Ponder

  • Happiness: Do you pursue it or create it?
  • If pro is the opposite of con, is progress the opposite of congress?
  • To avoid cutting yourself when slicing vegetables, ever consider having someone else hold the vegetables while you chop?

4 thoughts on “On Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 53

  1. Well many of the Republicans who were against this and voted against it are also handing Checks to local Gov’t for projects in their District and as you say with the Retirement of Bayh and others along with several of the Republicans who are retiring the replacements will be extremists no matter what party wins, The days of Moderates winning is over, Neither can win the Primary of their Party, Look at Florida where Charlie Crist looks like he is going to lose to Tea Bagger Rubio.
    McCain will probably lose to Hayworth and even Ron Paul who is a Libertarian but vey critical of the Republicans is being Challenged by Tea Bagger Extremists


    • Larry,
      Upcoming elections will be interesting as moderates will be left without candidates. Given the way political parties dominate the choices, I see moderates voting against someone as opposed to for someone – thus the one receiving the vote will turn into the vote against.

      The Arizona race will be interesting for sure. Thanks for the great comment.


    • Lester,
      Yep … the every-4-years rage. At least I can say that I’ve done it … and given where you are, I imagine you have opportunities. If you haven’t already, consider trying it.
      Thanks for stopping by.


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