On Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 55

On Home-School and Evolution
I have always realized that there is a high correlation between the home-schooling parents and their religious beliefs. With that in mind, it is understandable that conservative institutions write the textbooks. Let’s say 85% of home-schooling parents are religious conservatives – so what about someone in that 15%? Here is an interesting article about home-school textbook for biology and its treatment of evolution and Darwin.

On School Reform
I’ve been a reform-minded person regarding K-12 schooling for many years. I even posted reasons why education can’t reform. Here’s a good Wall Street Journal column about education reform.

On Linking the 1960s and the Tea Party
Although this may seem like a strange combination, this David Brooks column provides similarities and differences between the current Tea Party movement and the social left of the 1960s. I found his analysis to be quite interesting.

On the Cost of Health Insurance Reform
The bottom line on listening to both the proponents and the opponents in the health insurance debate is that everyone selective uses facts in order to support their point. Although I am on record as being against the current package, here following are worth mentioning:

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