On More NonClassmates

1 – I didn’t graduate with baseball Hall of Famer Johnny Bench, but after shaking hands with him one can understand how he could hold 7 baseballs in one hand.

2 – I didn’t graduate with golfer Mike Hill, but I did see him win two golf events on the same course … one on the PGA tour and one on the Legends (Seniors) Tour.

3 – I didn’t graduate with St. Louis Blues players Noel Picard and Jimmy Roberts from long ago, but they are the first professional athletes I ever met.

4 – I didn’t graduate with NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon, but I did see him win at Talladega … a 500-mile race with NO caution flags.

5 – I didn’t graduate with MLB Commission Bud Selig, but I personally know a MLB VP.

6 – I didn’t graduate with actor, but I have a good friend named Don Johnson who wasn’t on Miami Vice.

7 – I didn’t graduate with Steve Sabol of NFL Films, but I do know his namesake.

8 – I didn’t graduate with astronaut Neil Armstrong, but I did check his hand for a stamp while monitoring the doors at a high school basketball game.

9 – I didn’t graduate with George Clooney, but I slept on the gym floor at the high school from which he graduated.

10 – I didn’t graduate with Yogi Berra, but one of my Dad’s best friends from his youth was a good friend with the Yankee great.

11 – I didn’t graduate with keyboardist Rick Wakeman, but I did see a Yes concert while he was still in the band.

12 – I didn’t graduate with Al Roker, when he stood directly in front of us doing the weather on our visit to New York.

13 – I didn’t graduate with Kenny Loggins, but I passed on a free Loggins and Messina concert (before their first hit) because we got distracted on the way (It was Dwain’s fault).

14 – I didn’t graduate with Harry Caray, but I did get to sing during the seventh inning stretch with him on my only trip to Wrigley Field.

15 – I didn’t graduate with outfielder Mark Whiten, but I attended his 4 HR, 12 RBI game.

16 – I didn’t graduate with Rory Sabatini, but I did witness him demonstrating why many fans don’t like him.

17 – I didn’t graduate with outfielder Champ Summers, but I did witness him be the first to homer by a Red into the right field upper deck at Riverfront Stadium.

18 – I didn’t graduate with Pete Rose, but I attended the first game after his return to Cincinnati as a player-manager, thus seeing his first-inning belly-flop into third after a single and an outfield error was worth the scalped ticket price.

19 – I didn’t graduate with Pro Football Hall of Fame member Anthony Munoz, but he is the biggest person I’ve ever met.

20 – I didn’t graduate with any of the former Bengal quarterback Ken Anderson, but I was at the Monday Night game when a Steelers tackler spun his head around by the face mask.

21 – I didn’t graduate with Joe Dempsey, but the photographs and simple stories make his blog one of my favorites.

22 – I didn’t graduate with comedian Tim Conway, but we went to the same university.

23 – I didn’t graduate with former LPGA golfer Sally Little, but after a final round I told her she would win the following year and she did.

24 – I didn’t graduate with blogger Tim Valentine, but he sure makes me think.

25 – I didn’t graduate with Shania Twain, but she did high-five my left hand. Did I ever tell you I now have a prosthetic left hand?

I didn’t graduate with these people either.

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