On the 2010 Cincinnati Reds

As a life-long Reds fan, the approaching season is full of anticipation and hype – yet my pragmatic nature seemingly tempers any favorite-team optimism. Besides, the Reds have had nine straight losing seasons!

Although baseball economics features the annual battle between the haves and the have-nots have jilted my overall enthusiasm for the game, baseball is still a season I enjoy the game and will faithfully follow my team.

Here is my spring training preview of the upcoming season with No Doubts and Questions.

No doubt, Joey Votto can hit; but what will the Gomes-Dickerson platoon produce in left?

No doubt, Brandon Phillips can field; but will he elevate his offensive numbers?

No doubt, Scott Rolen is a leader; but will he remain healthy?

No doubt, starting and relief pitching are a strength; but will Aaron Harang and Branson Arroyo combine for 26 or more wins?

No doubt, Jay Bruce has a strong arm in right field; but which Jay Bruce will be at the plate –the pre-injury or post-injury version?

No doubt, CF Drew Stubbs helped the offense during the last six weeks; but can a guy with too many strikeouts be an effective leadoff hitter for an entire season?

No doubt, Shortstop Orlando Cabrera will help the offense from the right side; but will he combine with Rolen and Ramon Hernandez for 50 HRs and 200+ RBIs?

I have said for several years that the problem lies in the offense; but will the offense improve its 2009 numbers? 2009: Runs (12th), Average (15th), At Bats (11th), Average with runners in scoring position (12th), with two outs (11th).

Oh well, one thing about baseball – the long season does a good job of sorting.

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