On a Memorial to CVG

After quickly passing through initial security and now sit at my gate at the Greater Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG), I notice the wide concourse halls with only a scattering of people. My mind, however, flashes to the times when CVG served the hustle-and-bustle as Delta’s #2 hub.

I recall the days of the old concourse and its tight quarters before Delta’s 1980s building boom, which included 3 new terminals. Terminal C served the Delta Connection service that helped build a thriving complex.

I recall the days when reasonably priced flights were available to many nonstop destinations. Yet I also recall the times thereafter when prices soared to make CVG the most-expensive ticket market in the country – which forced many Cincinnatians to use alternative airports as Dayton, Columbus, Louisville, Lexington, or Indianapolis.

I recall the industry’s struggle after 9-11, followed by Delta’s acquisition of Northwest – all of which led to the current situation.

Today, terminal C is closed, and Terminal A will close soon – leaving the beautiful monument to serve as a testament to the days gone past.

Years ago the CVG airport board put all its eggs into the Delta basket and rode the wave of success – yet today, the same board holds the keys to vacant buildings and without services from Southwest, Air Tran, Frontier, Jet Blue, nor maximum services from other major carriers.

Many people have lost jobs – yes, we know them. Delta transferred others to another hub – yes, we know them too – and others will lose jobs in the time to come. So cheers to the monument of the short-sighted members of the CVG airport board.


4 thoughts on “On a Memorial to CVG

  1. I was last in CVG on a connecting (Delta) flight back in 1993. Sorry to learn of the disappointing state of Cincy’s gateway. With the turbulent nature of the airline industry, perhaps there will be some re-alignment that paves the way for the terminals’ renewal.


    • Luke,
      There are cases of airport renewal after losing hub status – most notably Pittsburgh. On the other hand, times are different today. I agree with you and see some renewal down the road, but I just see it taking longer. Thanks for visiting and commenting.


  2. I think you wanted “short sighted” and not “short sided” in that last paragraph. Short sided might mean they aren’t thick skinned – and most people in that position have to take a lot of abuse from the public, so I don’t think it’s true – especially if they read posts like this one – as much as they might agree with you in hind sight.


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