On 33

Earlier this month my wife and I celebrated our 33rd anniversary. Since she thinks that someday I’ll be found in the corner continuously babbling unrepeated minutia due to a brain dump, I dedicate this post to her and my love during our time together.

33 in Mathematics

  • 33 is the sum of adding the divisors of 1 through 6
  • 33 is a Størmer number, a Blum integer, and a semiprime
  • 33 squared =1089 , but its sq root is 5.744562646538029
  • Decillion is 1 followed by 33 zeroes
  • 33 mi = 53.108352 kilometers, but 33 km = 20.5 miles

33 in Science

  • 33 is the atomic number of arsenic (As), whose atom has 33 protons
  • 33, according to the Newton scale, is the temperature when water boils
  • 33 C = 91.4 F, but 33 F = 0.55 C
  • If you have a 33-day cycle, ovulation occurs on cycle day #20 (fourteen days prior to cycle day #33). Therefore, concentrate on having sex on cycle day #19, 20, 21, or 22 each month.
  • The New General Catalogue object NGC 33 is a double star in the constellation Pisces
  • A normal human spine has 33 vertebrae when counting the bones forming the coccyx individually
  • By pregnancy week 33, a human baby weighs 4.2 pounds, may be 17.2 inches long and its brain is increasing in size – which is also the time when the mother has the highest level of amniotic fluid

33 in Sports

  • 33 drivers: the traditional number of racers in the Indianapolis 500
  • 33 innings: the longest baseball game in history (a 1981, Rochester at Pawtucket)
  • 33 is the retired baseball jersey in Eddie Murray (Orioles), Mike Scott (Astros), and Honus Wagner (Pirates)
  • These Reds wore 33: Ted Abernathy, Ed Armbrister, Larry Bittner, Ron Robinson, Gino Minutelli

An NBA team of retired #33 would be Larry Bird (Celtics), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Lakers), Patrick Ewing (Knicks), Scottie Pippen (Bulls), Alvan Adams (Suns), Alonzo Mourning (Heat), David Thompson (Nuggets) – plus Kobe Bryant wore 33 in high school

33 is the retired number of hockey goalie Patrick Roy (Canadiens, Avalanche)
33 is retired for Stone Johnson (Chiefs) and Sammy Baugh (Redskins). Tony Dorsett (Cowboys) wore 33

33 has won 19 NASCAR races: Harry Gant (18), Joe Nemechek (1)

33 in Geography

33 in Places

33 in Religion

  • Jesus performed 33 miracles and was crucified  at age 33 in 33 A.D.
  • Lag Ba’omer, a minor Jewish holiday, falls on the 33rd day of the Omer
    33 is the number of Hindu deities

33 in Television

  • Channel 33: Dallas, Fort Wayne, Baton Rouge, Springfield (MO), Youngstown, Miami, Birmingham, Shelby (NC), Seattle
  • The Fix-Up was the 33rd Steinfeld episode (Season 3, February 5, 1992)
  • 33 is the title of the first episode of the new Battlestar Galactica television series

33 in Music and Film

  • Beethoven’s Op.120 consists of 33 variations on a waltz by Anton Diabelli
  • 33 is the reference to LPs (actually 33 1/3 revolutions per minute)
  • 33 is a song by The Smashing Pumpkins on their album, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
  • In May 2008, musician Teddy Geiger announced 33 brand new songs that his fans could choose from to create their own album, called TG33
  • Thirty Three is a Russian film

33 in Literature

  • Dante wrote the Divine Comedy in 3 canticas – each consisting of 33 cantos
  • The 33 Strategies of War is a book by Robert Greene
  • 33 is the coming of age of a hobbit in J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings
  • 33 leads to the essential meaning of life (the Bible) in Dan Brown’s 2009 novel The Lost Symbol
  • Thirty-Three Teeth is a book by Colin Cotterill

33 in History

  • Harry Truman is the 33rd US President, and Harry Wallace is the 33rd VP (served FDR)
  • 33 is the number of victims killed in the Virginia Tech Massacre, April 16, 2007.
  • The “Treinta y Tres Orientales” (33 Orientals) were Uruguay’s national Independence Heroes that liberate the country in 1825 from the Brazilian Empire
  • 33rd Congress served during Franklin Pierce presidency
  • 33rd Regiment of the British Army was active for over 300 years.

33 AD

  • Emperor Tiberius (Rome) founds a credit bank in Rome.
  • Emperor Guangwu (China) faces a new threat to the Han Dynasty: the Rebellion of Gongsun Shu in the Sichuan province
  • Saint Peter becomes Pope (according to Roman Catholic tradition)
  • 33 A.D. is Berber calendar 983 and Buddhist calendar 577

33 BC

  • A leap year starting on Saturday
  • Known as the Year of the Consulship of Octavian and Tullus
  • Mark Antony annexed the kingdom of Media and arranged the marriage of his son Alexander
  • Coptic calendar -316 – -315 Korean calendar 2301

33 in Miscellaneous

  • 33 is the number printed on all Rolling Rock beer labels
  • 33 is a Nigerian-produced brand of beer
  • 33 degrees are in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, the highest being rank 33 – the “Illuminati”
  • 33 gallon is a common trash bag size
  • United Nations symbol has 33 segments
  • According to Vietnamese news organization Thanh Nien Thai Ngoc, born 1942, claimed in 2006 to have been awake for 33 years or 11,700 night

Happy Anniversary to my Love.

On Linking a Pulitzer to a Fulbright

Education is always a popular topic. Besides, all of us can share a thoughtful story about a teacher in their life.

As I have noted many times, Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker is one of my favorite columnists, so I was thrilled to hear that she recently won a Pulitzer Prize for commentary. Then she wrote this column about a high school teacher who influenced her, which got me thinking about my life.

I taught high school for many years, enough to have over 3,000 students. While at an airport for a recent trip, I encountered a former student from 20+ years ago. Although our paths have occasionally crossed through the years, she updated me on her two sisters – whom I also taught. What a great family!

Nancy is the oldest sister, and a person I have always enjoyed and appreciated. About 5-6 years ago, my wife and I encountered Nancy and her sisters at a much-unexpected place – a football game at our college alma mater at it seems the sisters were visiting Nancy at her new job as an associate professor.

Back to the airport discussion with Nancy’s sister, I learned that Nancy not only recently earned full professorship, but she also earned a Fulbright scholarship. I am not going to take any credit for her achievement, and my influence on her is probably minimal, but I did think – wow – I taught a Fulbright Scholar and was lucky to do so.

Congratulations Nancy … and thanks for making me feel lucky!

On Amarone and Friends

Amarone – The mere thought of this unique, wonderful wine causes me to smile.

Amarone – The northeastern Italian wine (Veneto), whose wine makers use unique production methods to create this world-class delight.

Amarone – Whose full-bodied, dry, raisin flavor delivers its own intensity that I adore. No wonder I could not pass up attending an Amarone and Friends tasting in early March.

Produced in the northern Italian region of Valpolicella, Amarone is from three grapes: Corvina (70-80%), Rondinella, and Moninara or Oseleta. After harvesting the grapes, in early October, winemakers dry a portion of the grapes over straw mats for four months to concentrate the flavors before pressing.

Dried grapes typically produce sweet wines, but Amarone is the only full-bodied dry wine produced this way. The problem is that Amarones are not cheap as the low-end are priced at $25-30 – hence a reason to consider the “friends.” And if you want an Amarone, buy above the bottom.

On this night, we tried six different wines, but only one Amarone. Variations around these questions:

  • How long were the grapes dried?
  • How much of the wine is composed of “dried” juice?
  • Did the wine undergo a second fermentation in the presence of the remaining “dried” skins?
  • Instead of Oseleta or Moninara, did the winemaker use Barbera or Sangiovese?

We tasted six wonderful wines, yet ranged in price ($14-48). The bang-for-the-buck wines:

  • Zenato Valpolicella Classico Superiore 2006 ($14)
  • Allegrini Palazzo Della Torre IFT Veneto 2006 ($19) – This has been one favorites!
  • Musella Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso ($20),

The higher-priced wines:

  • Zenato Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso 2006 ($28)
  • Musella Amarone della Valpolicella 2006 ($35)
  • Nino Negri Valtellina Sfursat 2004 ($48)

A side note: The last wine is from the neighboring province of Lombardi. Nino Negri uses grapes varieties from its west (Piedmonte) and production techniques from its east (Veneto).

So to Jay and one of the best tastings I’ve ever attended – Salute! … and enjoy this segment from Wine Spectator.

On a Musical Jewel

You Tube is a treasure trove of unknown talents by everyday commoners – thus the perfect source for Monday Morning Entertainment posts that are meant to jump start the week with a smile.

This week is still entertaining, but it involves a known personality doing something that you may not link to this person – thus why I’ve titled this post On a Musical Jewel. Enjoy and I hope everyone has a good week.

On a Classic Quick Draw

The Quick Draw McGraw Show followed The Ruff & Reddy Show and The Huckleberry Hound Show in there developing stable of cartoon shows featuring a variety of characters while retaining the 7 minute cartoon segment of the time.

One has to keep in mind that this was an ear when westerns were still popular entertainment; so having a featuring a horse as the well-intended sheriff was apropos.

Ten Things about Quick Draw McGraw

  • Baba Looey, a burro, was his deputy
  • Commercials for Sugar Smacks cereal
  • Sagebrush Sal was the common damsel in distress
  • Debuting on Sept. 29, 1959; ran only ran 3 seasons with 45 episodes
  • Alter-ego was El Kabong, a masked vigilante (debuted Jan. 12, 1960)
  • El Kabong used his kabonger to kabong the bad guys
  • “Of all the heroes in legend and song, there’s none as brave as El Kabong”
  • (Baba Louie) “Queeks Draw, I theen…”, (an interrupting Quick Draw) “Now hoooooold on thar, Baba Looey! I’ll do the “thinnin'” around here, and doooon’t you forget e-it!”
  • The show also introduced was to Snuffles (biscuit-loving dog), Snooper & Blabber (private eyes), Augie Doggie & Doggie Daddy (father/son), and Snagglepuss (sophisticated tiger recognized in this past post)
  • Quick Draw reappeared in Yogi’s Gang (1973), Laff-a-Lympics (1977-1978), Yogi’s Space Race (1978), and Casper’s First Christmas (1979)