On the Completed March Madness

In the past week we’ve crowned a college basketball and hockey champions, started baseball season, and witnessed a great Masters tournament. So this post is to ending of another March Madness.

Congratulations Duke – a true national champion that earned it fair and square!

Congratulations Butler for representing all mid-majors and for capturing many fans across the country you appreciate underdogs.

Congratulations to the NCAA for providing a three-week frenzy of upsets, dramatic endings, unbelievable athleticism, and so much more – including a true national champion.

Congratulations to my alma mater, Bowling Green, as the Falcons continued one of the longest streaks in the country for not making it to the first round (since 1968).

Congratulations to my MA alma mater (Cincinnati) for getting one NIT win – yet seemingly so far away from what was not all that long ago.

Congratulations to Bob Huggins and his WVU Mountaineers. Besides still being special to many UC Bearcat faithful, he also guaranteed ABK would win the tournament – Anybody but Kentucky.

Congratulations to the NCAA for continuing to ring the register of its recognized cash cow. I wonder how they can make even more money? I wonder if they will do something incredibly stupid for the sake of money?

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