On Linking a Pulitzer to a Fulbright

Education is always a popular topic. Besides, all of us can share a thoughtful story about a teacher in their life.

As I have noted many times, Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker is one of my favorite columnists, so I was thrilled to hear that she recently won a Pulitzer Prize for commentary. Then she wrote this column about a high school teacher who influenced her, which got me thinking about my life.

I taught high school for many years, enough to have over 3,000 students. While at an airport for a recent trip, I encountered a former student from 20+ years ago. Although our paths have occasionally crossed through the years, she updated me on her two sisters – whom I also taught. What a great family!

Nancy is the oldest sister, and a person I have always enjoyed and appreciated. About 5-6 years ago, my wife and I encountered Nancy and her sisters at a much-unexpected place – a football game at our college alma mater at it seems the sisters were visiting Nancy at her new job as an associate professor.

Back to the airport discussion with Nancy’s sister, I learned that Nancy not only recently earned full professorship, but she also earned a Fulbright scholarship. I am not going to take any credit for her achievement, and my influence on her is probably minimal, but I did think – wow – I taught a Fulbright Scholar and was lucky to do so.

Congratulations Nancy … and thanks for making me feel lucky!


2 thoughts on “On Linking a Pulitzer to a Fulbright

  1. Would that sister be Laurie? How great to connect in such a personal way with people from the past! Even FaceBook can’t replace person-to-person contact.


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