On the All-Time Dans

Some look to Dan Dan the Answer Man for answers and guidance about sporting goods. Cincinnatians may look to Dan the Doorman for a new garage door. The Dolphins looked to Dan Marino to lead the team down the field. Many wondered about Dan Quayle being a heartbeat away from the presidency, but did he ever sing Oh Danny Boy?

While Dan Brown has written best sellers and Dan Rather left CBS News in the ratings cellar, Dan Aykroid made many of us laugh. Although famous skyjacker DB Cooper leaped from a plane and never to be found, his first name was Dan – but he’s not the one who landed on Gilligan’s Island – nor the Dan who blazed a trail through the Appalachians wearing a coonskin cap.

The All-Time Dans are a solid team. If a game is close going into the late innings, this team has one of the strongest bullpens. On the other hand, the bullpen can rest when playing the All-Time Randys.

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Ladies and gentlemen, now taking the field, the All-Time Dans.

1B – Dan Brothers (HOF)
2B – Danny Murphy
SS – Danny O’Connell
3B – Danny Cater
C – Dan Wilson (AS)
OF – Daniel Rusty Staub (AS)
OF – Danny Tartabull (AS)
OF – Dan Gladden
DH – Dan McGann

SP – Danny Darwin
SP – Danny Jackson (AS)
SP – Dan Petry (AS)
SP – Dan MacFayden
SP – Dan Haren (AS)
RP – Dan Quissenberry (AS)
RP – Dan Plesac (AS)
RP – Danny Graves (AS)
RP – Danny Baez (AS)

Bench – Danny Driessen, Dan Meyer, Dan Ford, Dan Pascua, Dan Litwhiler, Dann Billardello

Mgr. – Danny Murtaugh