Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 60

On a Primary Election
Ohio had a primary election this past Tuesday. People in my area are so fed up with Congress that we overwhelming re-nominated incumbents. Oh, that’s right – people are fed up with representatives they can’t vote for. Meanwhile, earlier this week Kathleen Parker had an interesting column about future legislation. As an independent moderate, I also appreciate John Avalon’s column about Floridian Charlie Crist.

On the Arizona Immigration Law
Regardless if of party affiliation or partisan preference, or one’s opinion about the law, the bottom-line reasons for the law are 1) the ongoing, long-time failure of our federal legislators to do anything besides deliver rhetoric, and 2) the ongoing, long-time failure of the US Justice Department on enforcing existing laws. I wonder what cash-strapped Arizona will do if the Feds don’t accept those arrested by state enforcers?

On Most-Hated Teams
If I were to predict the most-hated MLB teams, teams as the Yankees, Dodgers, Mets, and Red Sox are the first to come to my mind. Although none of these teams were #1 in the formal most-hated poll, but my Reds at #3? A team whose last playoff appearance was in 1995? A team without a winning season since 1999? A team with only two winning seasons since 1995? Wow! Maybe my team is better than I thought.

On a Handball Tune
This weekend is our handbell choir plays for the final time – although many members will participate in a small ensemble during the summer months. This piece, an original tune written by an 18 year old, contains exciting rhythms and a variety of techniques. Two chances for you to hear this tune: a video by a good teen group and an audio by a recording group. Enjoy.

On a Classic Angle
From my archives, I bring forth a light post to take you into the weekend. Better yet, you should try this tasty delight very soon – possibly this weekend.