Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 60

On a Primary Election
Ohio had a primary election this past Tuesday. People in my area are so fed up with Congress that we overwhelming re-nominated incumbents. Oh, that’s right – people are fed up with representatives they can’t vote for. Meanwhile, earlier this week Kathleen Parker had an interesting column about future legislation. As an independent moderate, I also appreciate John Avalon’s column about Floridian Charlie Crist.

On the Arizona Immigration Law
Regardless if of party affiliation or partisan preference, or one’s opinion about the law, the bottom-line reasons for the law are 1) the ongoing, long-time failure of our federal legislators to do anything besides deliver rhetoric, and 2) the ongoing, long-time failure of the US Justice Department on enforcing existing laws. I wonder what cash-strapped Arizona will do if the Feds don’t accept those arrested by state enforcers?

On Most-Hated Teams
If I were to predict the most-hated MLB teams, teams as the Yankees, Dodgers, Mets, and Red Sox are the first to come to my mind. Although none of these teams were #1 in the formal most-hated poll, but my Reds at #3? A team whose last playoff appearance was in 1995? A team without a winning season since 1999? A team with only two winning seasons since 1995? Wow! Maybe my team is better than I thought.

On a Handball Tune
This weekend is our handbell choir plays for the final time – although many members will participate in a small ensemble during the summer months. This piece, an original tune written by an 18 year old, contains exciting rhythms and a variety of techniques. Two chances for you to hear this tune: a video by a good teen group and an audio by a recording group. Enjoy.

On a Classic Angle
From my archives, I bring forth a light post to take you into the weekend. Better yet, you should try this tasty delight very soon – possibly this weekend.

6 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 60

  1. On the survey:

    That survey of the most hated teams has made the rounds on the internet…but I think the title is misleading. It’s actually a survey of what teams people have negative reactions to. Hence, the Reds being up near the “top”. For a team that hasn’t won since 1990, has had a divisive owner (Marge), and has had a couple of players nailed with PEDs (most notably Volquez) it isn’t overly surprising that people don’t have much good to say about the Reds. Heck, most Reds fans don’t have much good to say about the Reds these days!

    On the primary election:

    I’ve become so jaded that I now believe the only way to change politics for good would be to have all eligible political “candidates” in a pool and drawn randomly ala jury pool selection. That would ensure a complete “flushing” of the political system and a chance for average people to start over.


    • Chris,
      Good point about the survey. Also toss the Pete effect into the mix.

      One thing for sure, regardless what they say, neither party gets it. Thanks for commenting.


  2. I hated the Reds in 1976 because of Pete Rose among others, Though I always liked Johny Bench.

    THe reason I think Cleveland “won” this election and the Reds finished 3rd was that Cleveland voted for the Indians and Cincy voted for the Reds


    • Larry,
      Many fans hate winners, and the Big Red Machine era had it’s fair-share of haters because they were that good. Thus my point because the franchise hasn’t done much in some time. Chris has a good explanation. Thanks for visiting.


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