On a Pecking Woody

Ten Points about Woody Woodpecker

  • First appeared in an Andy Panda short (1940), but first appeared on television in October 3, 1957 on ABC.
  • Although best associated with Walter Lantz, Ben Hardaway helped created the prototype for Woody. Lantz got the cartoon idea from a noisy woodpecker keeping him and his wife awake during their honeymoon, and led this cartoon until 1972.
  • Woody’s trademark laugh is a Mel Blanc creation.
  • Woody was more insane during his early years.
  • Woody has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • Other stars in the show: Andy Panda, Papa Panda, Wally Walrus, Buzz Buzzard, Chilli Willie.
  • Knothead and Splinter were his nephews who eventually became his nephew and niece.
  • Woody nominated for an Academy Award in 1944, Best Short Subject (Cartoons), but lost to Tom and Jerry. The Woody Woodpecker Song received a Best Song nomination in 1948.
  • TV Guide’s Great Cartoon Character of All-time list: #46 (2002, 2003); #25 on Animal Planet’s list of The 50 Greatest Movie Animals (2004)
  • Appeared in Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988).

Here is a 2+ minute segment of this zany, brash bird singing from the Barber of Seville with a classic slapstick routine of the times. Enjoy … and thank you Walter Lantz for being the visual spirit behind Woody Woodpecker.!

10 thoughts on “On a Pecking Woody

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  2. Excellent Saturday morning (actually, I slept in so afternoon) entertainment Frank! I’ve always been a Woody Woodpecker fan. Did Mel Blanc do the singing there? If so, wow! Are you familiar with Shamus Culhane? He directed for Walter Lantz — both Woody and other cartoons. Last year I wrote a post about him that you might want to check out when you’ve nothing better to do:



    • Lame,
      Woody is a very good classic! Interestingly, Mel Blanc was the first voice, but only did it from 1940-41. Actually, Walter Lanz wife served the longest as Woody’s voice (1950-1972). Meanwhile, I will read your post about Shamus. Thanks for the link and for visiting … and glad a past post was about to provide a cartoon fix for your Saturday. 🙂


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